Game Changer | The Space-Saving Palette

As a self-confessed eyeshadow junkie, I make no secret of the fact that my makeup collection is my pride and joy. A single night out requires a minimum of 4 eyeshadow palettes, plus my carry-all case. And a week away? Well, I’m sure you can imagine, I tote even more. Whilst this is great for my friends who cannot wait to delve in and see what’s new for them to borrow (read. nab) it’s not so great for my otherwise easy-breezy rep, a suitcase of makeup, does not read low-maintenance nor laid back. 

You may be wondering why I don’t simply streamline my collection and wear less products. But where’s the fun in that? My favourite part of a night out is the getting-ready ritual. Laying out my Zoeva brushes, my Anastasia Beverly Hills palettes and my primers, highlighters, blushers, lip colours and lashes and then getting to work transforming my face to a backdrop of music and pre-drinks with the girls. My beloved makeup case gives me an array of colour, texture and finish (that even a pro would find envy enducing) to choose from – not something I wish to give up!

The One

And then, not too long ago, via the wonder of the blogger-sphere I discovered the Z Palette. A concept so simple, yet so game-changing, it’s unbelievable that it hadn’t been invented sooner.

A straight-forward and sleek hinged palette featuring a well and divider-free magnetic base which grips individual shadow, blush, contour and powder pans with ease – the perfect solution for those like me, with a plethora of eyeshadow palettes containing a selection of key colours across them, and a new-found Makeup Geek obsession.

Once you’ve mastered the art of depotting the favourite shades from your collection (heat + spatula + patience), you can then lay all your favourite shades of shadow, highlight, concealer and more into your fresh new palette. 

Z Palette Review

What’s more, you can purchase empty pans to fill with lipsticks, too (see the tutorial here). Just picture that a moment – a customised palette with only shades that you absolutely love. Makeup heaven.