Game Changer | The Blemish Eraser

Late nights, early starts, fast food and too much wine – all perks of a fun, carefree, single lifestyle, but also inevitable predecessors to breakouts and dark circles.

When I was younger, I naively assumed that by my late-20’s my skin would miraculously settle into a content and trouble-free state – yet my skin continues to break out and remains woefully oily, dry and, well, rather annoying.  Sadly, it’s not as simple as slapping on the nearest concealer in a bid to hide the visible evidence from the world. Because, if applied incorrectly, concealer sits heavy on the skin, drawing even more attention to flaws and blemishes – finding its way into every crease and caking onto problem spots rather than camauflaging them. 

Which is where concealer brushes come in. Or so you’d think. Because traditional (read, standard) concealer brushes are designed with tightly packed, flat-tip heads that press a substantial amount of product onto skin in one pass for maximum coverage.

Whilst this can work well for isolated blemishes, such brushes tend to be a little harsh on more sensitive areas, such as under the eyes. And you’ll no doubt find that the excess product also has a tendency to cake, forcing the concealer (no matter how good it is) to settle where it really shouldn’t, making dry patches and fine lines all the more noticable.  

Zoeva Concealer Buffer Brush Review

A slight of hand, and a daub of a fingertip can help smooth this out, as the warmth of skin-to-skin contact helps to melt the product into the skin, but it can also work to exacerbate shine, particularly if you’re susceptible to oily skin. 

So, let me introduce you to your new best brush friend, the Zoeva Concealer Buffer Brush

A fluffy and insanely soft synthetic brush with a small, round shaped head, the silky buffer bristles gently work into skin for seamless coverage and a totally traceless finish. 

Applying just a touch at a time, you can build up layers of product without the fear of tell-tale concealer coverage. And as if you needed any more convincing; it’s not just the bristles that make this brush, but also the perfectly rounded dome-shaped head that lends itself to effortlessly getting into the contours of the face, under the eyes, around the mouth and nose where blemishes tend to crop up. 

You. Are. So. Welcome.

Zoeva Concealer Buffer Brush, £7.95