Game Changer | The Beauty Carry All

Working for a beauty retailer, it is all too easy to purchase far more makeup than an individual could ever actually wear. My home feels packed with hordes of cosmetics: baskets of eyeshadow palettes, boxes of endless nail polish and shelves of base and highlights appear at every turn. Which makes it a serious challenge to get packed and ready for a night or weekend away. 

I could spend hours rummaging through my stash selecting the perfect combination of shades to compliment the outfits I had planned, before trying to cram them into various just-too-small makeup pouches. Makeup quickly becomes distributed through the house, disappearing into thin air, or worse, palettes are easily damaged en-route, being insufficiently crammed into holdalls and handbags.

It was whilst I was looking for a solution to this chaos that I discovered Zoeva’s Zoe Tote Bag. With a simple, functional and yet stylish design it called to me, and my love of their brushes was all the persuasion needed.

The One

With 3 zipped sections, each containing a variety of clear pouches, brush loops and mesh pockets, it’s perfect for stashing away all my beauty favourites. The front section contains 3 wipe-clean, plastic, clear pockets within which I pack my base makeup, eye makeup and skin care, along with elastic loops and mini pockets perfectly sized to hold my eyeliners, mascaras and liquid lipsticks. The middle section contains larger loops, within which I stash my eyeshadow palettes – they’re the perfect fit for the Anastasia Beverly Hills’ palettes, and makeup brushes, whilst my Morphe and Illamasqua sets fit in neatly alongside them. The final section has large plastic pouches and 2 zip-close mesh pockets and it’s here that I pack in my lipsticks, false lashes, tweezers and other beauty products which don’t quite fit in the rest of the bag.

Zoeva Zoe Tote Bag

All in all it’s one of my absolute favourite BB purchases to date – and when I tote it round to friend’s homes for the ‘getting ready’ phase of a night out, it’s deeply coveted by all; three of whom have already took the plunge and purchased one for themselves! And so calm has been restored to my collection – all my favourites have their place and I can simply grab my Zoe Tote as I head out the door, content in the knowledge that all my essentials are safely stowed.

Zoeva Makeup Tote Zoe Bag