The £22 Purchase That Gave Me My Fullest Lips Ever

At some point in the last few years our obsession with enlarging certain body parts migrated north, from our chests to our lips. So ensued selfies docuumenting wildly overdrawn lip liner, the #KylieJennerLipChallenge, and numerous lip filler horror stories. Whilst these days are behind us, the fascination lingers on, and more and more people are turning to injectables to get bigger lips. Hwoever, there are less drastic solutions to fillers that will transform your pout in seconds – and without a needle in sight.

Part of this new wave of viable lip-plumping treatments that aim to boost your pout without the cost, time, and risk associated with invasive treatment, Nubyen’s Nude Lip Augmentation Gloss adds shape and volume to lips, instantly and inexpensively. Like most of its kind, it works by intentionally irritating the lips, inciting a reaction that causes them to swell – that tingling feeling is your reaction to the ingredients within. This might sound scary, but the irritation is minor and totally safe to use – in Nubyen’s case, it’s caused by completely natural ingredients – nature’s favourite skin plumpers, menthol and cinnamon. 

This is hardly a revolutionary concept – tingling lip glosses were all the rage way back when I was in high school – but the difference here (and the reason Nubyen is so effective) is the other parts of the puzzle. Nubyen contains high concentrations of hyaluronic acid and collagen – two ingredients renowned for their ability to attract, bind, and retain moisture in the skin – resulting in fuller and smoother lips.

I’ve spent the majority of my 24 years cursing my perpetually thin lips, and much of my beauty writing tenure trialling and testing every lip-plumping gloss, balm, and serum sent my way. Some work, some don’t, and the best I’ve used so far (NIOD’s Lip Bio Lipid Concentrate, FYI) requires long-term commitment and consistent use. The thing is, sometimes all a girl wants/needs is an instant boost – the kind that gives results in the 60 second turn around before heading for post-work drinks, meeting a date, or getting ready when you’ve hit snooze 353748 too many times. Nubyen is just that – from the first moment I put it on my lips I could feel them plumping up – it’s quite miraculous how quickly the fast-acting ingredients make them look bigger in mere seconds.


Granted, nothing will deliver lips as big as Kylie’s, but for a topical solution this is the best thing for a short-term fast-fix – so good, in fact, that if I keep it to hand for 4x a day touch-ups, 24/7 beestung lips are almost a reality. The reviews don’t lie.

Nubyen Nude Lip Augmentation Gloss