Your 2020 Gemini Beauty Horoscope

After a calming, grounded month of Taurus energy, Gemini season is well and truly underway. The social butterfly of the star signs, you’ll always find a Gemini in the middle of any social setting. Whilst catching up with friends, heading out to the latest bar, and Saturday nights out are usually on the cards for Geminians, the current global pandemic has other plans in mind. Nevertheless, seize the vibrant energy of Gemini season and plan in some zoom calls with friends, virtual parties, and social distanced picnics in the park – there are few things as uplifting as spending time with your friends.


Happy Birthday Gemini, it’s your time to shine! In true Gemini style, it’s your season, so make it all about you. Get the virtual birthday parties booked in and plan the makeup looks that will have you looking your best. No birthday would be complete without something boujee on the wishlist, so why not ask for the Norvina Pro Pigment Palette Vol.4 – it’s got all the dreamy shadows you need, in one place!


Stay in your lane and do what’s best for you this month Cancerians, before next month it’s all about you. Take some time to reflect on the past year and see how far you have come. Nothing inspires zen vibes more than the Neom Tranquillity Candle.


The social side of Gemini appeals to your outgoing personality Leo, so let your fun-loving side show and catch up with friends over zoom. Always wearing the latest trends? We thought so – get your hands on the By BEAUTY BY Pastels Palette before it’s gone!


Life is hectic for you right now, Virgo. You’re used to always being on the ball and being super organised, but that can go out of the window when a global pandemic ruins your plans. Take some time for some me-time and restore a sense of calm within your life. Ten minutes with the Neighbourhood Botanicals Dream Dream Dream Oil and your favourite face roller is exactly what you need right now.


Librans, embrace the energy of your fellow air sign’s month and try out something new. Whether it’s nail art, a new makeup look, or changing up your hair game, anything goes. Take your skincare routine up a level with the Foreo Luna Mini 3 Facial Cleansing Brush, and you’ll never look back.


You’re feeling the romantic vibes this month, Scorpio. If you ask us, self-love is the best kind of love, so add some sexual wellbeing into your life with the My Viv Curved Vibrator.


For Sagittarians, Gemini is your opposite sign, so reflect the twins and spend some me-time with a loved one. Whether you’re in the same house as them or calling over FaceTime, there’s nothing better than a masking session and a catch up. One of our faves is the Dr. Jart+ Rubber Lover Hydration Mask – post one to your friend and share the love.


For you Capricorn, Gemini season is all about focusing on your wellness and taking some time to chill. Light some candles, run a bath, watch your favourite movie, and unwind with some facial massage. We love the Kitsch Ice Roller for a super cooling, de-puffing effect.


Another sign that’s feeling the benefits of the heightened sense of romance is Aquarians. If you’re a trend-focused and laid-back Aquarian, try out the super cool brand we just launched – Unbound. Their Bean vibrator is definitely one that you need to try out.


The social-focused energy of Gemini season can be a whirlwind for Pisceans, so don’t forget to take a minute and check in with your own feelings. There’s no better way than to have half an hour in a warm, relaxing bath, and we love the Fur Bath Drops to make it even better.


Gemini season is all about embracing your social side Aries, so book in a catch up with the girls and dress up – because why not!? The all-new Revolution Viva Palettes are the neon must-haves your makeup bag needs. Plus, at £6 per palette, you might as well get them in every shade.


New opportunities are coming your way Taurus and when you feel your best, you radiate that energy onto others around you. We love the Gallinee Happy Bacteria Gift Set to cover all the bases and cleanse, tone, and hydrate your way to happy skin!