How To Get A Flawless Base

Depending on your skin type, achieving a flawless, airbrushed base can prove a near impossible feat. Oily skin can cause patchiness, the wrong moisturiser can lead to the dreaded cake face and dry patches can appear without warning. But, with the right tools and products – and a little know how – you can get that perfect looking skin sans filter, that will last all night long.

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The key to truly great makeup is in the skin prep. Get skin prepped and primed before your makeup application for a smooth, even base that foundation can adhere better too, and will ensure that the whole look lasts a lot longer.

Start with a deep cleanse and light exfoliation to buff away any dead skin cells – a cleansing balm massaged into skin will melt away all impurities, and can be buffed away with a warm, damp muslin cloth which will gently smooth away any dry and flaking patches. Then, depending on your skin type, choose a lightweight moisturiser and treatment serum to lock in hydration. Finally a primer will smooth out the skin’s texture, minimise pores and give your foundation the perfect surface to cling onto.


Once you’ve set the base for your foundation, the next crucial step is the application. Avoid the temptation to slather on one thick layer of product – it’ll be difficult to blend easily, will be more likely to go patchy and just won’t last. Instead, apply different layers sparingly and with a sponge applicator such as a Beauty Blender.

Start by using colour correcting concealers in targeted areas – a little green around the nose and on any blemishes, a peach toned shade under the eyes, a lavender to brighten any sallow tones – and blend. Then, layer a little concealer over the top as needed, and blend. Finally dot a thin layer of foundation over the whole base and bounce the sponge over the skin to blend it evenly over skin. Repeat this final step as necessary, building up thin layers of coverage until you’re happy with the look. 


Last but not least, you’ll want to fix all your work firmly in place. Use a large, fluffy brush to sweep a translucent, finely milled and loose powder all over the skin. This will lock down all those layers, remove any excess shine and ensure that everything stays looking fresh for longer. 

Then, once your whole makeup is finished, grab a makeup setting spray and liberally spritz all over the skin. Akin to a hairspray for your face, it will fix everything firmly in place. Et voila – a flawless base, no filter needed.