Get The Look: Jordan Lipscombe x Beauty Bay

Today Jordan Lipscombe is launching her exclusive palette collaboration with Beauty Bay, featuring three eye and cheek palettes designed by Jordan herself. 

We asked Jordan to talk us through her favourite looks using the palettes…


1. I used Amber as a transition shade in the crease

2. Next I intensified the effect using Henna

3. I blended Marron all over the lid and into the crease colours

4. I added the same shades to my lower lashline and buffed out for a smoke effect

5. I added Stung into the inenr corner for a pop of colour


1. I started with Ochre in the crease as a transition shade

2. Next I used Olive to deepen the crease

3. Then I applied Ambush to the outer and inner corners for a halo effect

4. I applied Envy to the centre of my lid

5. I blended together Olive and Ambush and used to smoke out the lower lashline

6. Finally, I applied Daze to the inner corner of my eyes


1. I started by applying Tan in the crease as a transition shade

2. I added Ember into the crease to add more dpeth

3. Next I darkened the outer corner using Mocha

4. I cut the crease halfway with concealer and set with translucent powder

5. I left the inner third of the cut crease as it was but applied Molten to the centre

6. I blended Mercy inbetween Mocha and Molten

7. I smoked out the lower lashline using a blend of Ember and Mocha

8. I cleaned uo the outer edge using liquid concealer to get a clean line