Get the look: Mermade Hair Waver Tutorial

It might only be February, but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to start dreaming of beachy locks. Whether you want to bring back a slice of summer with big bouncy waves, or you want to live out your inner mermaid fantasy, waved hair is a trend that never seems to fall out of fashion. Thankfully for us beach glam fanatics, Mermade Hair understood the assignment and have designed a hair waver that’s about to change the game when it comes to achieving effortlessly waved hair. Ideal for any hair length, texture, or type, the Mermade Hair Mini Pro Waver leaves even the hardest-to curl hair with bouncy, beachy waves in a matter of seconds. Simply clamp, hold, and release to reveal salon-style waves in seconds. 

If you’ve already bagged yourself one of these must-have stylers and you’re after some more in-depth guidance on how to achieve the perfect waves, we’ve got you. Read on to learn how to achieve your very own mermaid mane. 

1. Detangle and protect

Perfect results start with perfect preparation. For the ultimate long-lasting, luscious waves, ensure your hair is clean and free of tangles before styling, using the Mermade Quick Dry Brush. Follow with a heat protectant spray, such as the Mermade Mist 2.0, to give your locks extra hold while protecting them from heat damage. 

2: Blow dry

Blow dry your hair using the Mermade Hair Dryer from the roots to the ends, holding the hair dryer at least 8 inches away. Brush through your hair. 

3: Straighten

To give your locks a sleek base before you begin waving, run the Mermade Hair Straightener through small sections of hair. Start an inch away from the roots and glide the iron down in one fluid movement. 

4: Section and wave

To begin waving, divide your hair into sections. If you want your waves to have a looser, beachier look, use thicker sections of hair. If you prefer a tighter, more defined wave, use smaller sections of hair. Taking one section at a time and starting close to the roots, place your hair evenly inside the barrels of your Mermade Hair Mini Pro Waver and clamp the hair. Hold the tool for two to five seconds and release (hold for less time if your hair curls easily, or if you want less defined waves). Reclamp the top barrel of the waver on the last bend of your wave, overlapping to create a seamless wave effect.

5: Wave the remaining sections

Repeat the waving process from the roots to the ends, until every section is waved. 

6: Brush out and set

Once your hair is completely waved, allow it to cool before touching so that your waves can set. If you’re after a loose, effortlessly beachy, boho vibe, gently comb through your hair. Complete the look with some hairspray to lock your waves in place (again, we recommend using the Mermade Mist 2.0 for the ultimate hold and shine), and enjoy long-lasting, glossy waves.

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