Get The Look With Hannah Renee: VIP Area

Summer is just around the corner, and we know you’re already thinking festival looks. If you’ll be in the VIP tent this year, you’re the tried, tested, and trend inspired type and we know you’ll be on the look out for an iconic guise which everyone will be copying next year.

Colourful and glam is your vibe, with plenty of glitter for the ‘gram. With the help of our VIP Hannah Renee, we’ve crafted the ultimate looks to help you stay flawless all-day and keep your sparkle while wearing wellies.

1. First, prime your face and eyes; if you’re going to be dancing all day and night, you need this look to stay put. Using Revolution’s Cut Crease Canvas in Halo White and a steady hand, carefully line your lashes and create a thick wing base. 

Once your wing is dry, take All In The Deets fine liner brush from BEAUTY BAY’s Eye Wonder Set, and BEAUTY BAY EYN Bright Matte 42 Palette to create an pastel ombre effect across the white wing.

2. To do this, begin with White Lies in the corners and add Slice of Lime making sure both colours are blended seamlessly. Next add Daydream, a teal matte, and follow with Paradise blue. Blend in Bleu and finally add Cosmopolitan, leaving part of the white wing visible for that seamless blend. Once your ombre is set, add a pencil eyeliner to your waterline for contrasting definition, then gently dust Dusk Till Dawn under your lash line using Eye Spy shadow brush (BEAUTY BAY’s Eye Wonder Set).

3. Add Glowstick (BEAUTY BAY Going Out Out) to the corners of your eyes, and Confetti (BEAUTY BAY Going Out Out) to your brow bone. And for that an all-day flutter, add Unicorn Lashes in Majestic AF.

7. Moving onto your face, evenly sweep Doll Beauty Gimme Sun Matte Bronzer across your cheek bones and the parts of the face where the sun naturally catches.

8. With the Glow Getter fan brush, dust Jeffree Star Cosmetics Supreme Frost highlighter above your bronzer, making sure both are perfectly blended.

9. Add Anastasia Beverly Hills lipstick in shade Peachy and finish with Jouer High Pigment Lip Gloss for a singing-along-proof pout. 

10. Fancy taking this look to the next level? You’ll need that steady hand again. Using Revolution’s Cut Crease Canvas in Halo White, create an arch from the corner of your lid, over your crease, before joining it to your lower wing. Now don’t blink and smudge!

11. Once dry, use the same colours as your wing (White Lies, Slice of Lime, Daydream, Paradise, Bleu and Cosmopolitan), and match your top arch’s ombre. Don’t forget to make sure that blend is flawless.

12. Think you’re look needs that extra something? Add glitter freckles using Anastasia Beverly Hills Loose Glitter across your nose and cheeks, and place glitter and shimmer on your lid between your wing and arch. Finish with a spritz of setting spray and voila!

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