Beauty Bay Staff Reveal How Long It Takes To Get Ready

I’ve always been a morning person who happily gets up half an hour earlier than necessary in order to take my time and get ready at a leisurely pace (I hate feeling rushed), but announcing this over lunch at Beauty Bay HQ sparked controversy…

Turns out that sleep is a priority for most of my colleagues, and most of them would much rather hit snooze three times than double cleanse or apply a winged liner and cut crease look at 6AM.

From pre-work gym classes to copious cups of coffee, nine Beauty Bay staff members talk through their daily morning routines. Scroll to see exactly how long it takes each of us to get ready in the AM, what we prioritise in our routine, and the products we will not leave the house without.




If you’d have asked me how long I take to get ready in the morning, my answer would definitely not have been 17 minutes. Stuck in a work-day rut, my basic routine consists of eye serum and moisturiser before a thin layer of BB cream and 16 minutes worth of concealer. Saving colour for the weekends, my eyes wear nothing but mascara and over my lips just a generous, shiny helping of Dr Lipp Nipple Balm. If it’s lucky my long, curly hair gets a blast with dry shampoo and a good old shake…et voila! 

Nothing makes my face feel and look as good as moisturiser in the morning. Creating the perfect base for my long day, Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentre is so creamy and rich that I don’t need a primer when I use it – shaving a further minute from my morning (that you’d think I spent sleeping with how bright and plump my skin looks)!


Video Content Executive


I’ve come to terms with the fact I’m fairly high maintenance – and whilst my makeup appears minimal, and I’ve managed to wean myself off eyeshadow for work, I still spend a fair amount of time blending, setting and highlighting. My brows are my one absolute daily essential – I absolutely can not and will not leave the house without them first being perfectly shaped – I’ve actually had boyfriends who have never seen my brows au naturel. 

Anastasia’s iconic Dipbrow Pomade is my hero and I kid you not, I spend a minimum of 15 minutes every morning carving out the perfect arch! With it’s creamy texture and inimitable long-wearing formula, it’s the only brow product that lives up to my high standards!


Beauty Writer


I don’t think I’ve gone a single day in the last ten years without washing my face as soon as I get up, it’s the only way I feel properly clean, awake, and myself (plus a really hot shower). I’d say that 70% of my morning routine is skincare – I definitely prioritise it over makeup, especially for work when all I really wear is a light buffering of BB cream, brows, and mascara. Plus, a short-but-sweet makeup routine means I can swing by Starbucks for a coffee before I get the tram, and caffeine is my second morning priority.

I’m fussy and will only use gel cleansers in the morning – they’re the most refreshing, and they help to cut through the thick layer of oils and creams I smother my face in overnight. At the moment, I’m using Antipodes’ Juliet Cleanser – a lot of gel cleansers can be quite drying but this is super gentle and hydrating so doesn’t leave my skin feeling stripped of moisture.


Marketing Intern


It takes me around an hour to get ready start to finish. My skincare sadly takes a back seat and merely consists of just slapping a bit of Embryolisse moisturiser on and the styling my hair receives is minimal. Makeup is the priority, eyeshadow is my favourite part so takes up the majority of time and I love topping off a look with a Stila Magnificent Metal Eyeshadow!

If, like me, you won’t settle for anything less than FULL coverage when it comes to your foundation, the Milani 2-in-1 Foundation and Concealer is something you need to try. Dabbed in with a Beauty Blender is how I prefer to apply it, leaving me with a matte transfer-proof finish.


Email Executive


I wake to the harmonising sound (lol jks) of my alarm continuously ringing, and my cat pestering me for breakfast. In case you hadn’t guessed, it’s a struggle to wake me, so my morning beauty routine has got to be quick. 

I’m currently obsessed with healthy/freckled skin, full brows and wispy lashes; my main priority in the morning is to give my skin some colour/life with my Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso. It’s the ideal shade for this time of year as it’s in no way OTT, basically it’s my morning joy! 


Marketing Assistant


I go to the gym most mornings before work, so my routine is simplified throughout the week to make sure I’m in that changing room (and in the terrible lighting it offers) for as little time as possible. I keep my hair short-ish for this reason so it’s quick and easy to blast dry and tend to leave it natural as less time doing my hair means more time in bed before the gym! 

However, one thing that always makes it into my weekday makeup bag is my Milani Prime Perfection Primer. My routine stays pretty simple (a quick layer of foundation, a bit of blusher and a quick stroke of mascara) but it’s all held in place by the wonder that is Prime Perfection. It’s super hydrating which tackles my after-gym dryness, it minimises my pores to pretty much nothing-ness and my makeup doesn’t budge all day – what more could you want?


Social Media Assistant


I feel as though I’ve got my morning down to a fine art to account for the extra 5 minutes I spend in bed because who doesn’t prefer sleep to getting ready – right? I start with skincare, keeping things super simple – we’re talking a splash of cold water to wake my skin up, a couple of drops or serum for added hydration and a little moisturiser for a smoothed finish. Boring stuff out of the way, I move on to my fave part – makeup. On a daily basis I go all in (minus falsies, glitter and liquid liner because who has time for that) from foundation to shadow and of course BROWS. 

I can’t remember the last time I left the house even on a no makeup day without a little something through my brows and I’ve become super OBSESSED with Eye Of Horus Brow Fibre Extend – seriously this is product is a dream for creating effortless definition! 


Email Executive


I think it’s fair to say I’m not a morning person, I get up about 30 minutes before I have to leave the house. Cleanse, tone and moisture is as far as my skincare routine goes then it’s on to my make-up. Primer, foundation, brow gel, blusher, mascara and I’m done. 

I always finish my look with Gerrard Cosmetics Hydra Matte Liquid Lipstick in Mile High. It makes my 30 routine look more like an1 hour. Liquid lipstick = instant glam.


Social Media Executive


My weekday morning routine is pretty basic – far more so than on a weekend. I prioritise sleep over anything else. .Which means my morning skincare routine is significantly shorter than my bedtime one – I quickly cleanse my face in the morning (Mario Badescu’s Glycolic Foaming Cleanser is my fave, FYI) and moisturise – but that’s it. 

Makeup wise, I still keep it fairly simple – I wear MUCH more makeup on a weekend. My standard work look is usually base, brows, a slick of gloss and my all important ZOEVA Graphic Eyes Mascara. Even if I wake up late (often. .oops), a couple of lashing of mascara later, my lashes are super long and I instantly look more awake and polished. I couldn’t live without it!