11 Gifts For Beauty Obsessives

There is no better feeling than giving someone the perfect gift, but no good deed comes without a catch, especially when it comes to gifting a beauty obsessive. What do you buy a person who seems to have their beauty kit nailed to perfection? But fear not reader, we have ten knockout gifts that will sweep any seasoned beauty lover off their perfectly pedicured little feet. And needless to say, you will be reaping the benefits from these wow-worthy presents.

By BEAUTY BAY NikkieTutorials X BEAUTY BAY Pressed Pigment Palette

The NikkieTutorials X BEAUTY BAY Pressed Pigment Palette undoubtably sits within the God tier of beauty gifts. It was the collab that defined 2020 and will hold its iconic status for many, many years to come. The palette features 20 pressed pigment shades in matte, shimmer, and duo chrome finishes with all the shades curated by the queen of the beauty world herself, NikkieTutorials. If your gift receiver always has the killer eyeshadow on show, you’ve already found the perfect gift.

ZOEVA Lumi Radiant Bronzer Highlighter

Any beauty obsessive will tell you there is no such thing as too many highlighters and bronzers. It’s just not concept that we subscribe to. When it comes to highlighters and bronzing powders, the more choice you have, the better. So, if you’re gifting a beauty lover but have no idea where to start, ZOEVA’s Lumi Radiant Bronzer Highlighter will be a real treat. The bronzer-highlighter duo creates that fresh out the sun glow with a satin matte finish, perfect for adding natural warmth and colour to the skin. We can already hear those brownie points racking up.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Mini Lash Brag Volumizing Mascara

Mascara is the staple of any beauty lover’s kit. There is no beauty lover out there who doesn’t crave the longest, fullest, and most voluptuous lashes on the market. That’s why we know your giftee will not be disappointed with Anastasia Beverly Hills Mini’s Lash Brag Volumizing Mascara. The intense black mascara has all the goodness and light a mascara needs to create long full-bodied, volume-packed lashes without weighing them down or flaking. Basically, this mascara is the perfect gift no matter what, why, who, or when.

Sample Beauty The Paradigm Shift Palette Volume II

If colour is the name of your gifting game, you need look no further than Sample Beauty’s The Paradigm Shift Palette Volume II. Every beauty lover needs that one staple palette that they will dip in and out of but never lets them down, and we’re pretty sure based on our extensive eyeshadow research, that this is said palette. With 35 rainbow-inspired shades with velvety mattes and lustrous shimmers, you could be a pretty penny that your giftee will be sporting these pigments for many years to come.

Ofra Highlighter Mini Rodeo Drive

If you’re not already well versed on the icons of the beauty world, let us give you a very quick briefing: when it comes to iconic status, there are few products out there that could rival Ofra’s Rodeo Drive Highlighter. There are many reasons for this, and honestly, we could write several dissertations on it, but for the purpose of this, all you need to know is that any beauty lover would be ecstatic to be gifted this. The universally flattering offers intense payoff for a radiant, beaming glow that will compliment that big old smile on your giftee’s face.

Tanologist Self Tan Drops

We have a theory that no one has ever been disappointed with a tanning gift. It’s just not logical that any beauty lover wouldn’t want to add a little glow here and there. That’s why we’ve added Tanologist Self Tan Drops to our round up, because if there is another thing to be said about tanning, it’s not a one size fits all situation. These face and body drops help you to customise your tan by adding the formula to a moisturiser. If you’re giftee needs a little pick-me-up, add one or two drops, or if they’re craving that all out glowing goddess, they can add lots of drops. It’s literally the gift of the glow.

Florence By Mills Zero Chill Face Mist

An aptly named beauty product because there will definitely be no chill from your lucky receiver if you decide to gift this rose infused facial mist from florence by mills. Facial mists are the new age of skincare and any beauty lover will know the that spritzing the skin with a botanical mist is unrivalled in ease, simplicity, and skin benefits. The Zero Chill Face Mist is the ultimate handbag essential for when skin needs to relax. The calming formula has been infused with antioxidants, rose, and lavender to protect the skin from stresses, awaken dull skin, all while balancing and hydrating. Yep, all that from one quick mist.

HAIRtamins Essentials Bundle

It goes without saying that there are different kinds of beauty lover. Some indulge in makeup, some obsess over skincare, and adore haircare. For those haircare loving beauty obsessives, gifting doesn’t get better than HAIRtamins’ Essentials Bundle. Not only does this bundle have everything for a routine overhaul, but it also really knows it’s science, credentials haircare lovers need if they’re going to be impressed. With the Botanical Biotin Shampoo to prevent damage and encourage thickness, the Botanical Biotin Conditioner to hydrate and nourish, and a 30-day supply of the Advanced Formula Hair Vitamin, this bundle is basically the gift of great hair days.


Freckles are the hottest commodity for any beauty lover, but we can’t all be blessed with them. If you’re looking to seriously impress your giftee with a makeup product they have probably been secretly lusting after, Freck’s XL Faux Freckle Cosmetics Neutral is your winning gift. The faux freckle makeup creates realistic, natural-looking freckles that can be built up and last as long as your makeup. The formula is dotted on to the face and blended with the fingertips to create the ultimate on trend look. 

Suva Beauty Hydra FX Cherry Bomb

As you can imagine, the BEAUTY BAY office is filled with beauty obsessives, and every single one of them will tell you that Suva Beauty Hydra FX liners are the ultimate gift for any beauty lover. The smudge and transfer proof liners are so easy to use, you could gift them to even the newest beauty brain on the block and they would have the A* grade in minutes. If you’re not sure on the colour, we highly recommend Cherry Bomb because, as with the lips, a bright matte red can never go wrong.

Dose of Colors Matte Lipstick

A lipstick is an easy gift that will impress even those who aren’t fully fledged beauty obsessives, however Dose of Colors’ Matte Lipstick is a whole other level of lipstick. Not only is it flawlessly matte, a crucial element when deciding the perfect lipstick, it’s also so light and so creamy, that the lips feel bare when wearing it. But all beauty obsessives will want to know about how long it lasts, and let us tell you ahead of the questioning, this liquid lipstick sets the benchmark for long-lasting colour.