7 Gifts To Treat Yourself To, Because Why Wait?

The best way to get exactly what you want this Christmas? Buy it for yourself, duh. You don’t need to wait for someone else to get what you want. I mean, you can drop all the hints possible and ‘subtly’ leave as many tabs open as you’d like, and there’s *still* no guarantee you’ll receive any of it. So, why not treat yourself to everything you want this year before the big day? 2020 has been a mess, the least you deserve to round off the year is a little self-love. So, here are our top picks of the best products to self-gift this festive season.

Jouer Cosmetics Paris Lights Powder & Lip Oil Set

If you want to glow more brightly than all the lights on the Christmas tree (and be the gleamiest member of the family Zoom quiz), you need a creamy highlighter that packs a punch. The Jouer Cosmetics Paris Lights Powder & Lip Oil Set will provide you with just that; one sweep of the super pigmented powder highlight in shade Citrine (*the* beauty YouTuber fave), and a swipe of the matching hydrating lip oil, and you’re good to go. Glassy, glistening skin in a flash.

O’Wow At Home Smoothing Treatment Kit

This year, we’ll have more time over the Christmas break at home than ever before, so it’s a great chance to experiment with DIY beauty treatments, and – if you ask me – a little spa day is the perfect way to (wisely) waste some time in the ‘Twixt-mas’ days. The O’wow At Home Smoothing Treatment Kit gives you semi-permanent sleek, shiny hair, and is super easy to do yourself. The salon? I don’t know her.

By BEAUTY BAY Book of Magic Palette

The lead up to Christmas is the best time to experiment with colourful makeup. If you can’t wear mystical pink, purple, blue and green eyeshadow during the festive season, when can you?! Treat yourself to the super blendable By BEAUTY BAY Book of Magic Palette, and – while you’re at home where no one can see – pair your magical eye lewks with the cringiest Chrimbo jumper you can find.

Mario Badescu Hand Cream Collection

It’s no secret that we’ve all been washing our hands way more this year, so give them a little treat of their own this Christmas, they deserve it! The Mario Badescu Hand Cream Collection is made up of three scented mini hand creams, all enriched with skin-loving vitamin E.

Unbound Ollie

What could be a better self-care treat than, well, a vibrator? Pleasure is nothing to be ashamed of, and we bet it’ll quickly become one of the best things you’ve ever purchased for yourself! It’ll provide you with hours of fun this dark and gloomy winter, and masturbation can relieve stress and tension, improve sleep quality and improve your mood. Plus, the Ollie vibrator by Unbound is actually very cute.

Le Mini Macaron Milkshake Gel Manicure Kit

Brush up on your beauty skills at home by treating yourself and your fam to feel-good treatments. After you’ve exfoliated, masked and moisturised every part of your body, why not give yourself a DIY gel manicure (plus pedicure, if you’re fancy) with the Le Mini Macaron Milkshake Gel Manicure Kit? Side note: it is – coincidentally – deffo the chicest gel kit in existence.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam II Mini Eyeshadow Palette

What happens when you take one of the most gorgeous eyeshadow palettes ever made and create an adorable, miniature version of it? You create THE best Christmas gift, whether for a loved one, or for yourself. Get yourself the mini-fied Anastasia Beverley Hills Soft Glam II Mini Eyeshadow Palette (why is everything so much cuter when mini?!) for gorgeous, glamorous makeup looks on-the-go (when we’re finally allowed to go anywhere, obvs).