The Best GLAMGLOW Face Mask For Every Skin Concern

Hello, it’s your (glam) glow up calling! Make room in your masking collection because GLAMGLOW are here to tackle all your skin concerns while adding serious Hollywood-worthy glam to your Sunday pamper session.

Founded in the Hollywood Hills, GLAMGLOW was initially created to give screen actors instantly camera-ready skin and a glow that would keep its radiance for days. Fast forward ten years and GLAMGLOW are the beauty brand that millions across the world turn to when their skin needs a brightness boost and their skin woes need targeted ingredients that work, because after all, the glow must go on!

So, without further ado, here are the best GLAMGLOW face masks for every skin concern.


Owners of sensitive skin will know all too well the process of finding beauty products that soothe their skin can be a tricky (and irritating) process. But GLAMGLOW’s BERRYGLOW Probiotic Recovery Mask will definitely be in the ‘keep’ pile thanks to its nutrient-rich formula packed with nourishing ingredients. Made with the ultimate antidote to sensitive skin, probiotics, plus hyaluronic acid and jojoba oil, the mask works to hydrate, plump, and balance the skin’s natural microbiome for skin that’s strong, healthy, and of course, glowing.


Thirsty skin needs two things from a face mask: hydration (check), a blend of gentle but effective ingredients (check), and a lasting glow that wouldn’t give in to dryness (check). The hydrating and deeply moisturising THIRSTYMUD Hydrating Clearing Mask is perfect for restoring radiance to dry or dehydrated skin no matter how much time you have to spare. The mask can be used for a quick 15-minute fix, or as an overnight sleep mask for serious moisture action. With hyaluronic acid, citric acid, oat beta glucan, and hydraclay, the mask infuses the skin with dewy hydration to restore and calm. 


If blackheads are the bane of your existence (we hear ya), then you’re going to want to get to know the INSTAMUD 60 Second Pore Refining Treatment. The mask does exactly what it says on the bottle, working in 60 seconds to refine the pores, tone the skin, and soften the complexion. The foaming treatment works to energise and awaken the skin, and let’s face it, everyone loves a foaming mask on Instagram. Infused with bentonite and kaolin clay to remove impurities, witch hazel to tone, aloe vera to soothe, and licorice root to brighten, the mask is packed with everything you need for fresh, glowy skin.


You don’t need us to tell you that vitamin C is the ultimate remedy for dull, pigmented skin. But you do need us to tell you why you need the FLASHMUD Brightening Treatment Mask. The brightening face mask is made with a blend of essential ingredients from salicylic acid and lactic acid to vitamin C and white clay to help even the skin and leave it looking fresh. But every hard-working mask needs some innovation, which is why GLAMGLOW have packed this baby with tech. Added WhiteEnergy helps to brighten, Flashlucent helps to give a luminous finish, and Reflectrum helps to boost radiance. A gamechanger.


If there is one face mask that that you should always have on your bathroom shelf for skin emergencies (winter, hangovers, you know the story), it’s a brightening mask for dullness. And by perfect coincidence, the YOUTHMUD Glow Stimulating Treatment is the ultimate go-to for restoring that summer-fresh, glowing complexion. Made with volcanic rock pumice to exfoliate, natural clays to remove impurities without over-stripping, plus a blend of antioxidants and anti-aging ingredients to help brighten, refine the look of skin tone and texture, and smooth for a baby smooth feel. Yes, you would be right in thinking this is basically great skin in a jar.


Let’s get straight to the point, the SUPERMUD Clearing Treatment has serious mask appeal. The charcoal infused mask is perfect for calming oily and breakout prone skin thanks to a very effective blend of six acids and K-17 clay. The mask lifts dirt, toxins, and excess oil from deep within the pores, while the SUPER 6 Acid Blend helps loosen dead skin cells to exfoliate and sweep them away. All you need is a super thin layer, 5 – 20 minutes of downtime, and problem skin to clear, clarify, and refine. PS. This mask has serious tingle factor, but that just means it’s getting busy.


First of all, we love a peeling mask a) for the satisfaction b) you don’t have to get off the sofa to wash it off. Even better for us, the GRAVITYMUD Firming Treatment Mask is in the god tier of all face masks. The innovative mask transforms from white to chrome on the skin and works to leave it feeling instantly firmer and more lifted. Enriched with marshmallow and liquorice leaf, both big players in the skin firming game, the mask leaves the skin looking contoured and more toned after just 20 minutes. If the neck and décolletage need some firming action, don’t be shy to apply!


Finishing the list on a sheet mask high is the BUBBLESHEET Oxygenating Deep Cleanse Mask. Perfect for many reasons but the one that stands out is that it only needs three minutes to give the skin an oxygenating deep cleanse when you’re in a rush or need to nap. The second stand-out feature of the mask is the skin activated bubbling and tingling action that you can watch working in between your double cleanse and teeth brushing – not at the same time. I tried, and it was a foam disaster. Made using green tea TEAOXI and bamboo charcoal, the mask is here to recuse congested skin for a glowing, detoxed, purified finish.