7 Unexpected Ways To Wear Glitter In Your Beauty Routine

We all started simple with glitter, adding a subtle twinkle to lids, lips, and cheekbones, but there’s a tonne more fun to be had from experimenting with glitter products. Eye-catching, magical, and rebellious, glitter is the ultimate accessory for 2017 and can be used to jazz up just about every part of your body…

These glitter hacks will take your festival beauty game to a whole new level. Embrace your wildest disco-fuelled dreams and forget every rule you’ve ever heard about makeup – glitter breaks all of the conventions.

Conceal Your Spots

Utilising eyelash glue as an adhesive to make chunkier pieces of glitter and sequins stick to your skin is an age old trick. But go a step further and be savvy with your glitter placement – dab a small amount of glue onto your blemishes and press individual glitter pieces on top – it’s no acne cure, but it is the ultimate concealer. 

Ardell Lash Grip Clear – There’s a reason why this is one of the most popular lash glues on the market, it’s super strength – and as glitter glue it’s no different.

Gypsy Shrine Chunky Mermaid Glitter – These little pots of fun are pretty damn close to magic dust, we use them for just about everything.

Hide Your Dark Circles

If you’re feeling really extra, replace your under-eye concealer with glitter. Prep the area first with an eyeshadow primer (which provides the perfect light but adhesive texture to prevent glitter fallout from cascading down your face). Then, before the primer has a chance to dry down, use a flat brush to pat glitter on top.

Zoeva Pearl Eyeshadow Fix – Super easy to blend into skin, it’ll keep your glitter lasting through the night.

Festival Face Silver Gal Glitter – Many under-eye concealers contain light reflecting pigments, but this brilliant silver gives ‘brightening dark circles’ a whole new meaning. 

Glitterise Your Brows

Glitter needn’t stop at the eyelids – if you’re feeling daring, take your brows to the next level with some sparkle – it’s playful and on the right side of unconventional. Spritz some hairspray into a cup, then add a pinch of loose glitter and mix. To apply, simply roll a spoolie through the mixture and brush lightly through your brows. 

Wella Professionals EIMI Stay Styled – Glitter has a tendency to disappear without a base, but this hairspray has the power to help pigment cling all day long.

Makeup Geek Sparklers Meteor Shower – Available in eight striking shades, Makeup Geek’s Sparklers are the ultimate blend of vibrant colour and eyecatching iridescence. 

DIY A Body Shimmer

For a grown-up take on glitter, add pigment to your body oil to give skin a lit from within glow that both sparkles and shines. For a subtle radiance, mix just a sprinkle and massage it all over, or go heavy with the glitter and apply to targeted areas – we especially love glitter collar bones.

Como Shambhala Invigorate Body Oil – Oil is the ideal base for your DIY body shimmer, and this one has the added bonus of acting like a fragrance, scenting limbs with a lasting blend of essential oils. 

LA Splash Crystallised Glitter Long Island – Perfect for creating the molten glitter look that will make your limbs catch the light.

Cover Up Your Roots

Ideal if you’re at a festival and all out of dry shampoo, this ridiculously over-the-top hack is the ultimate cover up for greasy or grown-out roots. To keep the glitter in place, create a glitter paste by using hair gel as a mixing medium, then press along your parting with a large flat makeup brush and spritz with hairspray to set in place.

Osis Rock Hard Ultra Strong Glue – This super strength gel is built to last, so no matter what, it’ll ensure you avoid any hair/glitter disasters.

Gypsy Shrine Unicorn Glitter – A colourful combination of hues guaranteed to distract from unsightly roots.

Upgrade Your Finishing Spray

Sometimes for us glow-getters, highlighter just isn’t enough. If you find that shimmer tends to flake off by the end of the day, upgrade your finishing spray by pouring a liberal amount of finely milled glitter into your bottle and shaking it up. Use the spray as you usually would to lock down your makeup, with the added bonus of major glow.

Gerard Cosmetics Slay All Day Setting Spray Green Tea – We love these finishing sprays for keeping our makeup on lockdown from dusk ‘till dawn, and because they’re cheap, we don’t feel bad about adding glitter straight in.

Illamasqua Pure Pigment in Beguile – There’s a risk of looking like you’ve been glitter-bombed with this look, but Illamasqua’s pure pigments are the most finely milled, subtle glitters we’ve used.

Create Body Art

If your makeup goals are ‘IRL disco ball’, you’re going to want to experiment with glitter body art. Take scissors to your makeup sponges and cut them into a shape or design of your choice to create DIY stamps. Once cut, simply coat one side in glitter gel (pack it on thick) before pressing them onto your body for limbs that have the ultimate sparkle factor.

My Kit Co Super Set Sponges – These super versatile sponges are every bit as good at applying glitter gel as they are cream, powder, and liquid products.

Graftobian Glitter Gel Teal – Graftobian is basically makeup for the stage, so this will last through anything and everything.