Meet good light, the LGBTQIA+ Brand Helping Every Beauty-Lover Shine

At BEAUTY BAY, we celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community every single day. This Pride Month, we’re shining an extra bright light on LGBTQIA+ brands and founders who are dedicated to promoting a more inclusive definition of beauty. Today, we’re spotlighting a brand that’s been doing just that, while inspiring the beauty industry and advocating for positive change. Meet good light, a queer-owned beauty brand that warmly welcomes everyone into the beauty and self-care space. With a mission to reflect the diversity and fluidity of our world, good light has carefully created skincare that can be used and loved by all.

To gain a greater insight into this gender-inclusive beauty brand, we spoke to the founder of good light, David Yi.

What started your journey towards building a gender-inclusive brand?

My journey as an activist and advocate started when I was a child. I grew up in a space that lacked diversity. And at a young age this was made apparent. I created my high school’s first-ever International Diversity Council to celebrate the beauty of diverse people in our school and beyond. There was resistance at first – but we went on to become an important and safe space for all people.

I became a journalist to tell stories no one else was telling. After years in the industry in New York City, I launched Very Good Light, which is all about redefining masculinity and beauty standards through a beauty lens. From our community, we wanted to create a gender-inclusive beauty brand, one that centres those who are the least visible in society – our non-binary and trans communities. We want to uplift and be a vehicle for change in this industry, stripping down the binary through the beauty industry.

What does "beauty beyond the binary" mean to you?

Beauty has been gendered along the binary for years. Hypermasculine on one side of the beauty aisle (not even called beauty for men, rather, “grooming”), and hyperfeminine on the other. There are jet black or matte grey colours on one side, and pink and purples on the other. But why is it that the beauty industry is so gendered? Why is the act of beauty gendered when for centuries – and the beginning of time from Neanderthal – all used beauty for power?

I wrote a book about this called PRETTY BOYS. It proves that beauty has no boundaries. Beauty transcends gender roles that were created for a political and capitalistic purpose. “Beauty beyond the binary” means that beauty transcends gender roles we created, and also goes against the idea that gender is binary – male or female. We should recognize all gender identities and celebrate them!

What does beauty look like for you?

Beauty to me looks like authenticity and empowerment. Beauty is all about the audacity to love yourself and shine authentically for the world to see.

What’s your favourite good light product?

I love all of them! It’s like a parent, we don’t truly have a favourite child (okay, that’s a lie). I would say my current favourite has to be our New Moon Balm. It helps with any dry patches, or post-acne skin to help rejuvenate skin, and does so quickly! It’s a miracle balm.

What can we expect from good light next?

You can expect cool collaborations, new innovative products, and more pushing culture forward.

Our top good light products

good light Taste of Space Lip Milk

good light Taste of Space Lip Milk

This galaxy-inspired good light Taste of Space Lip Milk works to hydrate, smooth, and nourish the skin. Combining a mouth-watering raspberry flavour with a creamy, quick-absorbing formula, your lips are in for the ultimate upgrade.

good light New Moon Balm

good light New Moon Balm

Skin in need of some TLC? It’s time to try the good light New Moon Balm. This ultra-nourishing balm formula works to improve a wide range of skin concerns ranging from blemishes and dry patches to sunburn and over-exfoliation, restoring it back to its healthiest self.

good light Cosmic Dew Water Cleanser

good light Cosmic Dew Water Cleanser

Get an out-of-this-world glow with the good light Cosmic Dew Water Cleanser. In a gel-to-foam formula, this cleanser gently sweeps away dirt and impurities to reveal an even, radiant complexion.