Grande Cosmetics Is Everything You Need For Your Eyes and Brows

Grande Cosmetics is the new beauty brand on the block that you NEED to know about. Taking their inspo from science and clinical treatments, Grande gves your everyday essentials a new and improved upgrade. Meet the brand staples we’re obsessing over right now.

Lash Enhancing Serum 

When was the last time you showed your eyelashes as much TLC as you do the rest of your face? Probably never. One of the things I want most in life (apart from an endless supply of Krispy Kreme donuts) is long, thick lashes. Normally I can only achieve the lashes of my dreams with multiple coats of mascara and occasional visits to the salon, but after using this for two months, my addiction to LVL, lash extensions, and trying every single new mascara is a thing of the past. Don’t ask me how it does it, but somehow the formula has not only made my lashes longer and thicker, but it’s given me a whole extra row of lashes so my entire lashline looks more full and defined. 

– Grace, Beauty Writer


Brow Enhancing Serum 

Worth every single penny, I’ve been using Grande Cosmetics’ Brow Enhancing Serum and I genuinely, hand-on-heart can’t believe the outcome! In the past, I’ve lathered eyebrow and eyelash products on that seem to waste all my time, money and effort but this is a shining example of spending a little more money to get alllll the results. With a teeny tiny brush, I can paint small amounts of this pure liquid gold over sparser patches of my eyebrows to ensure I don’t waste a drop! Amazingly in just 5 weeks, my eyebrows look so much fuller and I’ve been confidently going out with nothing on them at all – however when I do, I’ve received so many comments asking what I’ve been doing differently!  

– Amelia, Copywriter

Mascara Primer 

My eyelashes are with the help of a good mascara. But, as a morning gym girl, who doesn’t have time for falsies on the regular, I’m always up for a boost. So, when the Edited team asked me to try Grande’s Primer, I jumped at the chance. The nourishing undercoat goes on white and it dries quickly, so it only adds seconds to my morning routine. And it works! My lashes look much more luscious than usual. Containing sympeptide 226EL, to make lashes appear thicker and longer, fingers crossed, with regular use, I’ll soon see the conditioning effects too! 

– Llara, Head of UX



If there’s one thing I can’t leave the house without, it’s mascara, and the search for the perfect one never ends! When I started testing the Grande Cosmetics Lash Enhancing Mascara, I wasn’t expecting for it to change my world, but I was 100% wrong. The perfectly-sized, small headed applicator makes the application of the clump-free formula a dream. I’m all for BIG lashes but after using this lightweight enhancer I’m loving on a more natural finish (and for those of you who need their lash fix – it layers like you wouldn’t believe).  My search isn’t over but it’s definitely just become a tougher competition!  

– Lizzie, Social Media Assistant

Brow Fill 

As someone who takes good care of her brows but has never veered away from the wax/powder combo I first bought when I was 15, I was excited to try something new. And alas, the Grande Cosmetics Brow Fill has officially become my newest brow bestie. The Light shade is perfect for my mousey brown brow hairs, and the application couldn’t have been easier. My brows look so much thicker now I’m using Brow Fill, and they stay ‘in place’ much longer now!  

– Sarah, Marketing Assistant


Glide Brow Definer 

I’d never used a brow definer before, so I didn’t really know what to expect when I was handed the Grande Glide Creamy Brow Definer to try. Thankfully, I was pleasantly surprised at how simple it was to use. The smooth formula and sturdy handle made defining my brows much easier than the fiddly brow brush I usually use and the blender was great for smoothing out harsh lines and mistakes. As I’ve not used any of my other brow products since, it’s safe to say that I am now officially a brow definer convert.   

– Fran, Copywriter