Hair Masks Are The Next Big Thing, Here’s Why

I can be quoted in a past article saying: “For me, it’s not Sunday unless I’ve spent 95% of the day with a hair mask on and my hair piled up like a small animal nesting on my head”. This is still very much the case and I can imagine I own more hair masks than most – pots, sachets and tubes full of oils and creams galore. 

Very fortunately, I’m blessed with quick growing hair that’s naturally thick and curly. As I regularly book myself in for a full head of highlights, I think it’s so important to really moisturise and nourish not only my lengths but the scalp and roots too. Hair masks are a great way of doing this as you can layer it thick and leave it to really soak in. Here’s a breakdown of some of the best ones I’ve used recently… 


As soon as I saw this mask appear in our weekly ‘look what’s coming to BB’ meeting I knew it would be mine. I’m constantly smothering my hair in Coconut Oil from my local supermarket shelf so to get Starskin’s expert take on this was like living a dream. Paired with a stylish star-print shower cap, I mean not only do you look the part, you really feel it.  


Although you can leave them all on overnight, by actually calling it an Overnight Hair Repair, Sachajuan make me only ever apply it before bed which means it’s on for so much longer! Formulated with their heavenly signature scent, not only does it make me drift off to sleep faster but it means I wake with seriously soft hair that just keeps getting stronger and stronger. 

Perfect for long and dehydrated hair (did someone say made for me?!) Kocostar’s Long Hair Pack comes with one of my favourite things…a hair wrap. Sealing in all kinds of hair-loving goodness, it’s great for Sunday house chores and face masking as it keeps all your hair out your face! Winner winner.