6 Benefits Of Using A Hello Klean Shower Filter

If your roots are looking a little flat, you’re experiencing buildup or flakiness on your scalp, or your hair is simply looking a little more dull than usual, your first move might be to throw out your products and bring in replacements. But chances are if nothing changes, then it’s probably your water that’s at fault… That’s where Hello Klean comes in. The brand’s hero product is a shower filter, which attaches easily to your shower to filter out the unwanted chemicals responsible for a number of hair (and skin!) issues. 

Scroll down to find out exactly how it works and why a shower filter could be your ultimate bathroom upgrade. 

Combats the effects of hard water

The more minerals that water contains, the ‘harder’ it’s considered. As over 60% of the UK population live in areas of hard water, we’re highly likely to experience the side effects – dryness, irritation, flat hair, rough texture, and reduced elasticity. Skin is also impacted – hard water disrupts the skin barrier and leaves traces of minerals on the skin which can clog pores, trigger breakouts, and cause dryness, and even eczema and psoriasis. 

Removes over 90% of chlorine

Chlorine is used as a disinfectant to clean drinking water but when mixed with organic matter found in water and exposed to high temperatures, it can create harmful THMs which have been shown to have negative health implications. The Hello Klean filter uses Redox Technology which features a copper-zinc formulation that stimulates oxidative reduction on contact with water. This process transforms both the chlorine and any other unwanted chemicals into harmless substances and helps to inhibit bacterial growth. 

Helps products to work more effectively

While drinking water is rich in minerals (like iron, calcium, and magnesium) which are safe for you to drink, these same minerals prevent the foaming agents in shampoo from lathering properly, meaning your shampoo can’t give an efficient cleanse, and leaving behind a buildup known as soap scum. The Hello Klean filter helps to remove these minerals so that your products can work their best and no residue is left behind. 

Prevents prolonged buildup

Over time, mineral buildup causes dryness and irritation for the skin, exacerbates eczema and psoriasis, and strips natural oils, while soap scum clogs pores and weighs hair down, preventing growth and contributing to flakiness and oiliness on the scalp. 

It will fit (and look good on) your shower

Unlike conventional shower filters, Hello Klean’s filter blends in and looks like a standard feature on your shower. What’s more, the filter takes less than two minutes to attach to your shower hose. No plumber and no tools required. Whether you have a mixer shower, horizontal taps, upward taps, a rainshower, or even just bath taps, the filter will fit on easily. 

It’s eco-friendly

The Hello Klean filter uses an impressive 70% less plastic compared to other filters on the market. It’s also refillable (the brand recommends replacing the capsule every four months), and the refill capsules are compostable. And to top it all off, even the outer packaging is made from a form of aluminium that’s infinitely recyclable.  

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