Your Christmas 2020 Liquid Crystal Fix Is Here

The Liquid Crystals are back and they’ve had a holiday makeover. The three new shades are everything you need to make your Christmas looks even more magical and your holiday vibes even more enchanting thanks to the precious stones the new trio are named after.

Here to add extra sparkle to all your looks, the new Liquid Crystals leave nothing but out-of-this-world pigment payoff which can be built for intense shine or subtle shimmer. Made with the classic Liquid Crystal formula, the shades are long-lasting, creamy, multiuse, and uber-metallic. All you need to do is swipe over the lids, cut the crease, pop the corners, dab, line, or blend for hours of smudge-, fade-, and crease-free wear.

Keep scrolling to get to know the newest members of the Liquid Crystal gang.

Looking for inpso on how to wear your Liquid Crystal shade? See seven ways we love to style ours here.


The Liquid: A deep purple with purple and blue glitter flecks.

The Crystal: Sapphire is a stone of wisdom and good fortune. It is associated with sacred things and considered to be the gem of gems.


The Liquid: A vibrant blue with glitter flecks.

The Crystal: Howlite is used to reduce anxiety, tensions, and stress. It can be used to calm and soothe emotions, encourage emotional expression, and slow the overactive minds.


The Liquid: A lilac with silver glitter flecks.

The Crystal: Amethyst is used to cleanse a person’s energy of negative influences and attachments. It creates a shield of spiritual light to protect against bad energies and unhealthy environments.

Polaris Trio

For one when one isn’t enough.