Ask Grace: How Do You Get Rid Of Razor Bumps?

Dear Grace, 

Razor bumps – what’s the deal!? After every shave, I end up with little lumps and bumps on my skin, which can sometimes be slightly itchy. Not ideal when I’m a regular fake tanner! Is there anything I should be doing to avoid them or are there any cures I can use? 

Okay, so the first thing you need to do is figure out if what you’re dealing with is ingrown hairs or if the tiny bumps you’re seeing is post-shave irritation. If the bumps are large, painful, and swollen (like pimples) then they’re probaly ingrown hairs, in which case check out my tips here. If they look and feel more like a rash or rough texture on the skin, then these are razor bumps caused by shaving irritation, so keep on reading. 

Shaving irritation usually occurs when the blade can’t skim smoothly over the skin, but instead drags and pulls, so to prevent it from occuring, make sure you’re shaving with a clean, sharp blade. Remember to replace your razor heads every few weeks, because as well as not getting a clean shave, you’re more likely to experience irritation if the blade is blunt. It’s important to ensure skin is damp when you shave (shaving dry skin is pracitcally a guarantee for irritation), so wet skin beforehand and if you currently shave with a foam or gel, I’d recommend trying an oil instead. I really rate Fur Oil, which nourishes skin as well as creating a smooth surface for your blade, and it can also help if you take a hot shower before you shave as this softens skin. Finally, a top tip for anyone with really sensitive skin – how you use the razor makes a huge difference, so shave in the direction of hair growth to avoid irritation, take your time, try not to cover the same area twice, and don’t press hard with the blade. 

After shaving, use anti-inflammatory products to calm any irritation. A cooling aloe vera gel or Fur’s Ingrown Concentrate (which contains tea tree and chamomile oils) are perfect examples – just pat or massage them on as soon as you can post-shave, and if the irritation you experience feels hot or painful, try a cold flannel before applying product. 

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