How To Nail 2020’s Biggest Beauty Trends, According To Linda Hallberg

January may seem like a lifetime away, but if you want to get ahead on your 2020 beauty trends, we’ve tapped pro-MUA Linda Hallberg to weigh in and give her top tips on bringing your favourite catwalk looks to IRL. 

From extended glitter to colourful eyeliner, next year is all about reimagining beauty classics with modern twists. Whatever your vibe, make notes and start practicing – these trends are going to be big for 2020 and beyond. 


“I love the bushy brows trend. The trick is to make sure they’re groomed but bushy, so big but not too messy. My tips to get bushy brows is just to let them grow. Don’t touch them at all, just let them grow as long as you can. It will take a while and be annoying at times but that way you’ve got more to work with naturally. Not everyone can grow bushy brows, so if you can’t get them to grow, use a brow marker to fill them in by drawing on individual hairs.” 

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“I love glass skin, especially for editorials, videos, and photoshoots. In real life, it doesn’t always work for every day, but it does look amazing for pictures. Check out Linda Hallberg Cosmetics Infinity Glass and the Fantastick Lipsticks because you can use them to create a really nice glass, glowy look on your face, eyes, and lips.” 

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“I have always said that since you have 365 days a year, why would you wear the same safe black eyeliner when you have every colour in the world to play with? It doesn’t need to be complicated or extravagant, you can just do the same shape you usually do, just switch up the colour. I think it’s more inspiring.” 

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“This kind of unperfect look is very close to my heart because I come from the art world. I’ve always liked to paint and I’ve always believed that when it’s not perfect its more interesting. To achieve this look, the best way is to just wing it – don’t practice. Just try something really quick because it’s not supposed to be flawless.” 

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“I love pastels and I especially love to blend them together so I love this trend! Some people think pastels are boring, but they can be so interesting when you mix multiple shades for the watercolour effect, or if you add black or white to create more dimension.” 

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“This is my favourite trend – glitter is my favourite colour. In fact, the more glitter the better – glitter everywhere! Instead of keeping glitter on your eyes, blend it out onto your cheekbones or up into your brows. You’ll need something to make it stick – I use the Linda Hallberg Cosmetics Infinity Glass, and to really nail this trend and make the result super messy, use chunky glitter.” 

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