These Magic Mascara Tricks Really Will Transform Your Lashes

Sure, you could just apply a coat of regular mascara as you’ve been doing every day of your makeup-wearing life, or you could totally up your game with this genius (if we may say so ourselves) guide to strategical mascara application. 

We’ve spoken to makeup artists and mascara lovers, and we’ve tried and tested every mascara we could get our hands on to suss out the best tips, tricks, products, and techniques for getting your lashes to their maximum potential. You’re gonna want to read this, we’re talking falsie-effect territory… 

How To Apply Mascara

1. Apply Lash Plumper

Start by applying Code Beautiful Pre Mascara Lash Plumper, which extends even the shortest lashes to maximum length. The full bristle brush grabs and coats each individual lash in a unique formula which uses fibres to thicken and lengthen for an instant false lash effect. Press the wand as close as possible to the root of lashes and wiggle from side to side as you move it upwards

2. Use Volumising Lengthening Mascara

2. Using Code Beautiful Volumising Lengthening Mascara, build your first layer of mascara (this mascara is specifically designed with a build-on-build technology to make layering super easy and prevent clumps). Press the brush into the roots of your lashes (start in the middle of your lashline) and slowly wiggle upwards. For a cat-eye effect, move the brush in an outwards diagonal direction.


3. Apply a Second Coat

After you’ve repeated on the opposite eye, dunk the wand back in the bottle to pick up more product, then apply a second coat, this time wiggling the brush in the opposite direction to ensure lashes are thoroughly coated from every angle.  

4. For Extra Thick Lashes, Apply a Third Layer

For extra thick lashes, apply a third layer – this time, look down and place the wand on the top of your lashes. Rather than moving the brush along the lashes, simply spin it slowly. 

5. Coat The Lashes Using The Tip Of The Wand

Coat the lashes in the inner and outer corners and on the lower lashline using the tip of the wand – the tapered shape comes through for targeting these hard-to-reach areas. 

6. Remove Clumps

Finally, run the brush back through underneath your lashes to remove any clumps