This Is The Exact Order You Should Be Applying Your Skincare By BEAUTY BAY Products

Whether you’re a three-step pat-on-and-go kind of skincarer, or a nine-step everyday-is-a-spa-day type, the order which you apply your products makes a huge difference to the outcome. 

But, nailing your AM to PM routine and the exact order you should be applying products is a beauty minefield. Which comes first serum or moisturiser? Is it best to cleanse and then exfoliate or exfoliate then cleanse? Questions like this are exactly why we designed our product packaging with a handy guide on the definitive order in which you should be applying your Skincare By BEAUTY BAY products. 

Read on for the ultimate skincare cheat sheet.

1. Cleanser

Cleansing is the first step in any skincare routine becuse in order for your products to work properly, your skin needs to be clear. In the long-term, cleansing helps to ensure skin is free from breakouts, congestion, and oiliness, and can help to improve skin tone and texture. But on a daily (and nightly) basis, you’ll need to cleanse to remove makeup, excess oil, dirt, bacteria, pollution, sweat, and existing product residue. If you’ve worn particularly heavy makeup, you may want to double cleanse.

2. Toner

Toner was traditionally used as a means to refresh skin post-cleansing, but these days toners can do so much more. Often boosted with powerful active ingredients like vitamin C and glycolic acid, toners are an extra step to help target your personal skin concerns and goals. Acid-based toners can help to exfoliate skin, leading to a smoother, brighter complexion – and they’re a gentler alternative to harsh scrubs.

3. Serum

Serums are super concentrated blends of active ingredients, designed to target your individual skin concerns so you can customise your routine to focus on your individual skin goals. Featuring ngredients like retinol, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and niacinamide, serums can help wth concerns like dehydration, enlarged pores, breakouts, redness, and pigmentation. You can use serums in both your morning and evening skincare routines, and you may even want to use a couple of serums, for example a hydrating and a brightenng one, but be wary of layering too many.

4. Moisturiser

No matter what your skin type, moisturiser is an essential in both your morning and evening skincare routines. By keeping skin hydrated, moisturisers boost skin’s overall health and strengthen the skin’s barrier, meaning that skin is better ble to repair damage and defend itself against aggressors like pollution and bacteria. Lighter moisturisers are best for the daytime because they sit well under makeup but thickr moisturiser should be used in the evening to give skin an intensive overnight hydration boost.

5. Extras

SPF is an essential, and should be applied as the final step in your morning skincare routine, but other extras will be dependent on your skin type and skin concerns. If you have dry skin, you may want to end your routine with a nourishing balm or overnight mask, and if you have breakout-prone skin you’ll probably want to finish it off with a targeted spot treatment.