How To Apply SPF

By this point, we’d hope you know exactly you should be wearing sun cream: reduced signs of ageing, dark spots, pigmentation, and protection against skin cancer, but are you clued up on how you should be wearing it? Unfortunately, the less-is-more approach encouraged by beauty buffs and derms does not work with SPF. Why? For your skin to be adequately protected, you need to be laying the sunscreen on thick. Most people use significantly less than is required to shield their skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays. So, what is the right amount to ensure we are staying sun-safe? 

When Should I Apply SPF?

According to the NHS, your sun cream should be applied twice. Once half an hour before sun exposure and then again just before going out. 

How Much SPF Should I Apply?

Now for the tricky part. Nine times out of ten you should apply far more than you think you need. Most people are concerned with using too much product and so scrimp on their sun cream. In reality, you should be using about a 50p sized amount. The more the better. Yes, your face might look shinier than usual, but that’s a small price to pay for proper protection. It’s also vital that you apply your SPF all over your face, eyelids and hard to reach areas included. 

How Often Should I Apply My SPF?

Far from a spritz and go situation, it needs to be topped up frequently, including after sweating, getting wet and towel drying. This also goes for brands claiming they are water-resistant, so make sure you are reapplying.

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