How To Cover Acne Scars

As if breakouts weren’t bad enough, more often than not they like to leave a scar behind, which is (not so) great news for us. Showing up as a red marks, purple discolouration, slight indentations, and more, acne scars can knock our self confidence and be tricky to cover.

Even though scars are completely normal and a lot of people get them, we get it that you may want to conceal them from time to time. Read our guide with all the tips and tricks to help you conceal acne scars and create a seamless base.

Primer is a must-have

As with all makeup looks, prepping your base is key. Primers not only help to prolong the wear of your makeup, but they also infuse the skin with ingredients to help brighten, smooth, and even out your skin. For a good all-rounder, pick up the The Ordinary High-Adherence Silicone Primer. This mattifying primer creates a long-lasting base where your makeup won’t slide or turn patchy.

Prep your base

If you have enlarged pores or indented scars, then you need the By BEAUTY BAY Matte Blur Priming Stick. This multi-use stick can be used to mattify the skin, control oil production, and blur out pores and indentations – making it ideal for hiding ice pick scars from blemishes.

Conceal, cover, conceal

Obviously when it comes to covering, concealer is your BFF – The Ordinary Concealer is our fave for full coverage whilst still looking natural. One handy trick our beauty editor taught us is the concealer ‘sandwich’. Start off by applying your concealer to the area you want to cover, patting onto the skin with your finger or a flat brush for ultimate coverage. Then, apply your foundation. After using your foundation, finish by applying another layer of concealer to the areas your want to cover for all-day lasting coverage. Thank us later.

Full coverage is your friend

Naturally, full coverage formulas are the best to reach for if you’re looking to cover and conceal. All you need to go is Google search ‘full coverage foundations’ and this one comes top of the list every time… Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Foundation has long-lasting, full coverage like no other. It covers blemishes, scars, discolouration, and uneven skin tone, as well as lasting all day long. It’s iconic for a reason.


If you want your makeup to last, then powder is a non-negotiable. When covering acne scars, powder works to set the concealer and foundation in place, making sure it won’t slip, slide, fade, or turn patchy. We’ve used the RCMA No Colour Powder for years and there’s a reason why it has so many top reviews.

Set in place

To really make sure that your base is budge-proof, then set it in place with a setting spray. The Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray does exactly what the name suggests – lasts all night (and day). Spritz over the skin and you’re good to go!