How To Fake Freckles

Freckles are everyone’s new fave right now. For those of us with pale skin (and therefore less melanin), freckles are less of a cool new trend and more the unavoidable result of more than 10 minutes spent in the sun without SPF… As a naturally ginger-haired, freckly-skinned gal, it is super exciting to see freckles making their dappled mark on the beauty map. For those without natural freckles, you can recreate the look (without risking any sun damage to your skin) because an unreal new product has just landed at Beauty Bay. Freck, the original freckle cosmetic is here to help you #getfrecked. With a Freck pen, any skin type and tone can be flooded with a delicate (or dense!) shoal of freckles.

Happy Frecking – and don’t forget to tag us in your pics!

How to fake freckles

1. Choose the area of your face that you would like to transform. Naturally, freckles would be more prevalent on your nose, the top of your forehead and your cheekbones (wherever the sun catches most), so they’re good places to start. Whether you’re going for a subtle or more dramatic look, it is key to address one or more of these areas in order to create convincing freckles.


2. Draw freckles in clusters. Freckles are friends and they come in groups, so make sure that when you draw them they are not too far apart: think constellations, not shooting stars.


3. Include various sizes and shapes. Freckles are like snowflakes: each is unique. Your faux freckles shouldn’t all be perfectly round and equally sized.


4. Blot it like it’s hot. Once you have dotted your faux freckles in place, blot them lightly with your finger to blend them in to your skin.


Top tip: Freck is a buildable formula, so you can add more layers for a stronger transformation. You can set your faux freckles with powder or leave them fresh and simply wash them off as you would with the rest of your makeup.