How To Fix Broken Makeup With Moon Mousse

Nothing quite compares to the heartwrenching feeling you experience when you drop your favourite eyeshadow/blusher/highlighter palette and open it up to reveal a shattered, broken mess. But before you (reluctantly) toss your palette in the bin and order a replacement, meet Moon Mousse… 

Search ‘fix broken makeup’ on YouTube and you’ll find thousands of beauty DIY’ers posting tutorials that make fixing broken makeup look easy – “all you need it a little rubbing alcohol”. But if you’ve ever followed one of these tutorials you’ll be well aware that’s it’s nowhere near as easy as it looks. Which is where Moon Mousse comes into play…

It’s a clever (and super easy) way to fix even the most shattered pressed powders in just a couple of steps. It costs £15, works with multiple products (including cream formulas), and its ingredients are 100% natural and plant-based. 

Intrigued? Get your hands on Moon Mousse here and follow the steps below to make your broken eyeshadow as good as new! 

How To Use Moon Mousse

1. It might sound crazy, but start by breaking up your product as much as possible – you literally want it to be a loose powder. 

2. Select the included tool that best fits the size and shape of your pan and press the powder until it’s packed and smooth. 

3. Squirt Moon Mousse over the pan so that the tntire surface is completely covered. 

4. Wait until the mousse has sunk in and the powder looks wet and carefully mix to ensure that the solution is evenly distributed. 

5. Leave open overnight, and in the morning use the pressing tool to press the makeup again one last time.