Here’s How To Get Glowing ‘Glass’ Skin (Or Fake It)

Glass skin is the latest K-beauty trend – the fancy name for skin that has a bright, clear, and seemingly transparent, crystallised effect – luminous, poreless, and dewy. 

There are two ways you can achieve the glass skin effect. You can follow the steps and go about it the K-beauty way (which involves a skincare overhaul) or you can fake it with makeup. Here’s how to do both.

Make It

To get glass skin the legit way, you’ll need to stay on top of a consistent skincare routine that involves thorough cleansing and intense moisturising by gently disintegrating dead skin cells and boosting skin’s hydration levels to the max.  

It’s important to break down and clear away every trace of makeup, oil, sweat, and dirt from your pores to keep them clear, so regular exfoliation is essential (every other day is recommended). After removing your makeup and double-cleansing, use a sugar scrub to wash your face – it’s a natural but effective way to slough away dead skin cells and impurities that block pores and give skin a dull finish. 

To boost hydration, you’ll want to get clued up on the seven skin method – it’s a Korean technique that involves applying seven layers of essence or toner in a row. It’s time consuming but worth it – each layer helps to lock in hydration and the result is a fresh-faced lit-from-within glow. All you need to do is press toner or essence into your skin after cleansing (and while skin is still damp) – once the layer has partially absorbed, go back in and apply another (remember to press, not wipe), then repeat five more times before finishing with a layer of moisturiser.

Essence is considered to be a vital step for hydration in any Korean skincare routine. This one is perfect for mastering the seven skin method.

Glass skin requires more than just a great primer – you need something that will leave skin smoother, clearer, and shiny in a good way. This will do just the trick.

Using pink clay and soft sugar, this will help to buff out pore-blocking impurities and boost cell turnover, clearing blackheads and letting skin shine bright on its own.

Fake It

To get a faux glass skin glow, you’ll need to make sure that every product you use (from primer and concealer through to foundation and setting spray) has skin-brightening, light-reflecting benefits. Start by priming with a base that has hydrating properties (this will help your natural glow to shine through), then apply concealer and foundation using a damp beautyblender (this further helps to add a smooth texture and fresh, skin-like finish to your skin).  

To add more glow, mix liquid highlighting drops in with your foundation to boost the effect, and when using blush and bronzer, avoid powder products and stick to liquid or cream formulas. Finally, use a makeup fixing spray to set your look instead of a powder.

More than a regular primer, this skin-smoothing jelly provides an instant surge of hydration that plumps skin with moisture for instant and long-lasting results. 

This is perfect for a true wet-look finish. The super-fine mist is light and refreshing, but makes a real difference, leaving skin looking fresh and supple. 

Thanks to its built-in illuminating properties, a few drops of this mixed into your foundation allows you to customise your skin finish for a natrual but noticeable glow.