How To Get Smooth Skin

While everyone has different skin types and needs, achieving smooth, silky-soft skin can be found at the top of most of our skincare wishlists. Lots of factors can contribute to our skin becoming textured or rough, ranging from our environment to our lifestyle. Luckily for us, making small tweaks to our daily routines (and adding in a sprinkle of skin-smoothing essentials) can easily put us back on the path to baby-soft skin. Whether you’re wondering how to get smooth skin on your face or you’re looking to transform your body to its softest self, we’ve got the tips, tricks, and products you need to unveil your smoothest skin yet.

From moisturisers and oils to exfoliators and cleansers, scroll on to discover how to get softer, smoother skin.

What can cause skin to lose smoothness?

A variety of factors can cause skin to become less smooth. While some are beyond our control, like genetics, hormonal changes, and skin conditions, others can result from factors such as a poor diet or an improper skincare routine. The biggest causes of rough skin are often a lack of moisture and exfoliation, which can cause the skin to become textured and flaky. Sun damage from UV exposure is another leading culprit, leaving the skin with texture, hyperpigmentation, and wrinkles if left unprotected.

Our top tips to get smooth skin on your face

Dealing with dryness, uneven texture, or the occasional breakout? Ensuring your skincare routine is tailored towards your skin’s specific needs can help it to be healthier and smoother. From cleansers to SPFs, we’ve got the tried and tested tips you need to add to your skincare regime for a glowy, even complexion.

Tip 1: Cleanse twice daily

Cleansing is the first, and arguably most important step of your skincare routine, and should be practised both morning and evening. While this might sound like a lot of effort, cleansing the skin is essential in removing dirt, excess oil, and dead skin cells, and can be the difference between smooth, glowing skin and an acne breakout. To keep your skin looking its freshest, massage your cleanser of choice onto your damp face and neck, and wash away with lukewarm water. For the deepest cleanse, repeat these steps.

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Tip 2: Exfoliate regularly

Adding a good exfoliator to your skincare routine is a sure-fire way to tackle skin texture. Not only does exfoliating melt away any impurities that you may have missed while cleansing, it also smooths the skin’s surface by getting rid of any dry, flaky skin. This is a great way to even out skin texture, minimise the appearance of discolouration, and promote a clearer, brighter complexion. For the smoothest, glowiest skin, exfoliate your face after cleansing, no more than two to three times a week. If you have sensitive skin, this should be reduced to once or twice a week to avoid the risk of redness and irritation.

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Tip 3: Practise sun protection, always

We’ve all had the importance of wearing suncream drilled into us by someone, whether this be a concerned relative or a skincare obsessive on TikTok. But did you know that a lack of SPF is one of the most common causes of dry, rough, or leathery skin? Extended exposure to UV rays without sun protection can cause a breakdown in the skin’s collagen, causing it to lose elasticity, appear uneven, and promote fine lines and wrinkles. This is especially true if you get sunburnt, which can also lead to the skin becoming dry, rough, and flaky. To avoid this, slip an SPF into your skincare routine after moisturising to keep your complexion protected and smooth, all day long.

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Tip 4: Add a smoothing serum

Face serums are a great way to target specific skin concerns such as dryness, dullness, and fine lines. Thanks to a higher concentration of active ingredients, certain serums can help to improve your skin’s texture and overall appearance, revealing smoother, brighter skin. Depending on your skin’s needs, opt for serums that contain hyaluronic acid to plump and smooth the skin, vitamin C to brighten, or retinol if you’ve got mature skin, as this will accelerate the growth of new, smoother skin. Add to your routine after cleansing and toning for an even, radiant finish.

The best face smoothing serums

Tip 5: Refresh with a face mask

If you’re wondering how to smooth texture on your face, a face mask is a quick and effective addition to any pamper session. Much like serums, these can be tailored to your specific skin needs, and can come in a variety of different formulations ranging from mud masks to sheet masks. While some masks work to exfoliate and unclog the pores, others work to revive and hydrate the skin. Whichever you choose, face masks typically all leave your skin smoother, clearer, and healthier-looking.

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How to get soft skin on your body

When it comes to body care, we all want soft, supple skin, but very little of us follow the necessary steps to get there. Following a consistent body care routine that incorporates regular exfoliation, gentle hair removal, and deep hydration can help transform dry and rough areas into silky-smooth skin.

Tip 1: Invest in a body scrub

Much like a skincare exfoliant, body scrubs work to remove impurities which can build up and make the skin appear dull and rough. Scrubbing off the outer layer of dead skin cells not only promotes the production of new skin cells but leaves skin smoother and less susceptible to breakouts. Body scrubs can also prevent and treat ingrown hairs by keeping the hair follicles free of debris, while allowing the skin to absorb the hydrating and nourishing ingredients in lotions, oils, and creams more effectively. As a result, your skin will look and feel brighter, softer, and nourished.

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Tip 2: Remove hair with care

Improper hair removal is an almost guaranteed way to achieve bumpy, irritated skin. For a smooth shave, ensure your razor is sharp and that you shave in the direction of your hair growth to reduce the risk of nicks and ingrown hairs. Pair with a moisturising shaving cream, gel, or butter, as this will create a protective barrier on your skin and minimise the chance of razor burn. Trying out alternative hair removal methods, such as an IPL device, can also help to boost silky smooth skin, as it reaches and removes hair follicles more seamlessly than a traditional razor.

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Tip 3: Use a rich body cream or butter

Keep dry skin and roughness at bay with a rich body moisturiser or body butter. Most effective when applied immediately after showering, these hydrating heroes lock in moisture for long periods of time and help to keep your skin soft and supple. Thicker and more hydrating than body lotions, body creams and butters are often packed with nourishing ingredients such as shea butter, essential oils, and fatty acids, and are essential for strengthening and smoothing the skin barrier. Regular use of body creams and butters can also improve skin elasticity, making them ideal for tackling stretch marks and sagging.

The best body creams and butters

Tip 4: Apply a body oil

Body oils are a great way to add an extra layer of hydration and softness to the skin. Much like body moisturisers, these are most effective when applied to the skin straight after showering and are brimming with nourishing vitamins and antioxidants that work to enhance the overall health of your skin. Body oils also have great moisture retention, forming a barrier on the skin’s surface which locks in moisture and protects the skin from environmental stressors and dryness. Alongside their skin-softening abilities, they leave a glowing, radiant finish after every use.

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Tip 5: Maintain moisture with a hydrating mist

Topping up our hydration levels and keeping skin supple has never been easier with a body mist. Featuring a lightweight and refreshing formula, body mists provide an instant burst of moisture to the skin, helping to keep it soft and nourished. While their hydrating powers might not be as long-lasting as a body butter or oil, they are the easiest to apply out of our skin-softening all-stars and are ideal for on-the-go moisturisation. They can also be layered with, or used before, other body care products for an extra hit of hydration.

The best hydratingt body mists

If you’ve got dry, rough skin, it’s time to buff up your self-care sessions with these skin-smoothing tips and products. Whether you’re targeting your face, body, or both, adding in regular exfoliation, hydration, and protection into your daily routine will pave your way to softer, smoother skin.