How To Grow Your Eyelashes And Eyebrows

Maybe you were born with naturally sparse brows and lashes, or perhaps you’ve been a bit too overzealous with your plucking, or had a few too many rounds of LVL? False lashes, mascara, and brow gels can be a fast fix on a daily basis, but your natural brows and lashes won’t thank you in the long-run…

Thick and fluffy brows are on trend – and let’s face it, who doesn’t want longer, thicker, Bambi-esque eyelashes? Fortunately, there are serums you can apply specifically to your brows and lashes, yep, that’s right – products specifically designed to give your lashes and brows a much-needed growth spurt.

Scroll down to discover how serums can help your brows and lashes grow longer and faster.

What are growth serums?

A potent blend of vitamins, peptides, amino acids, and hair-loving oils designed to stimulate hair growth from the follicle. Delivered by liner brush or mascara wand, simply swipe the serums on morning and night to see the full effects.

How do they work?

The logic behind growth serums is that they keep your lashes in their growth phase for longer – meaning (when applied regularly) longer, more abundant hair and lashes, and a reduced risk of shedding. They also strengthen the existing hairs which prevents fallout, ultimately leading to lashes and brows that last (as well as look) longer.

What’s in them?

• Peptides– regenerates and protects against breakage

• Sodium hyaluronate – a.k.a hyaluronic acid, attracts moisture

• Silk proteins – strengthens lashes to prevent breakage

• Coleus forskohlii – boosts pigmentation

• Allantoin – conditions and provides nutrition

• St John’s Wort – stimulates growth

How long do they take to work?

In as little as six weeks, eyebrows can appear fuller and darker, hairs will be more dense and brow shape will be redefined.

Used day and night for around eight weeks, eyelashes will appear longer, and you’ll notice lashes appear thicker as new growth is stimulated.

Anything else I can do to speed up growth at the same time?

• Don’t rub your eyes – every time you do, this causes a mini trauma which can cause lashes to fall out

• Cut out the eyelash curlers – constant curling can weaken and damage lashes

• Take hair growth supplements – anything rich in biotin and B vitamins will benefit your brows and lashes

• Choose the right makeup remover – micellar waters and oils are the gentlest options

• Be gentle with makeup – even something as simple as pressing too hard with your eyebrow pencil can cause shedding

• Tweeze sparingly – you have to let your brows grow, even if it means them looking messy in the meantime

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