How To Make Pale Skin Look Sunkissed Using 4 Products

Even the super pale might expect to end summer with a naturally bronzed and radiant glow effortlessly in place, but then again, if you followed our advice on SPF, you should have no such thing. Sun is the most damaging thing to skin health (leading to issues like sun spots, lines, and dehydration), and besides, baking in blinding sunshine isn’t the only way to get your glow on… 

Enhancing your natural glow the sunless route actually requires no more than some strategic makeup application, and the right combination of products. 

Here’s how to give your face the ultimate fake bake. 

Get a new-gen fake tan

If you go in too heavy-handed with regular fake tan, things can turn from bronzed to orange real quick. A gradual product in mist form will give a more natural look (especially if used regularly) because you have more control over the results. With St Tropez’s Self Tan Purity Face Mist, you don’t even have to worry about blending. A quick spritz provides a subtle and buildable colour alongside an injection of hydrating ingredients, which help to give skin a naturally radiant glow from within. 

Fake freckles

Mimicking the effect of a few extra minutes in the sun is easy (and on trend) thanks to Freck – a miniature pen specifically designed to create faux freckles. You might think a regular brown liner would suffice, but actually Freck is the exact colour and size to create uber realistic looking freckles. Add a scattering to the bridge of your nose and extend outwards where freckles would normally fall. 

Bronze in all the right places

Blend bronzer around the forehead and across the bridge of the nose, where skin tends to catch the sun most, for a subtle sunkissed effect. Milani’s Baked Bronzer in Soleil is light on the shimmer and leans brown/beige in shade rather than orange so it will complement your fairness rather than clashing with it. 

Use a warm-toned highlighter 

A summer glow is all about warmth, so keep that in mind when choosing highlighters and blushers and avoid anything too cool-toned. Neutral tones like bronze and peach will help to enhance a smoldering, bronzed look. RMS’ Living Luminizer in Peach has subtle golden tones, and thanks to its cream formula, adds a sheeny luminosity that ups the ante on your glow.