A Foolproof Guide To Removing Halloween Makeup

Okay, so you spent hours recreating an impressive Halloween makeup tutorial and you just got home and realised that to take it all off, face wipes just won’t cut it? 

Whether you’re plastered in liquid latex, dripping in fake blood, or went a bit OTT with the black eyeshadow, the struggle is real when it comes to removing Halloween makeup. We’ve been there, done that, and learned the lesson, which is why we’ve broken everything we’ve learned down into four simple steps, with our favourite products thrown in – no tricks, just treats.  

Here’s how to properly remove every bit of your Halloween makeup without irritating your skin or waking up to the breakout from hell.

Start with a micellar water… 

Think of micellar water as makeup remover with superpowers. The reason it’s so effective is because micelles (the tiny molecules in the formula) have the ability to lift both oil- and water-based impurities. Oil and water normally repel each other, which is why regular water-based makeup removers struggle to get your skin 100% clean, since makeup, sebum, and grease are all oily. But micellar water gets it all. It’s also pretty gentle – which is important when you’re using a lot of it! Unlike face wipes or regular makeup remover, micellar water leaves skin feeling soft, calm, and clean, with no obvious residue. 


…and lots of cotton pads! 

For regular makeup, two or three cotton pads will do just right, but chances are your Halloween look is going to require some elbow grease. Avoid scrubbing and instead press and wipe soaked cotton pads over your skin to remove makeup gently. Once a pad is dirty, throw it and use a clean one – otherwise you’re just pushing makeup around your face instead of lifting it off. 


Cleanse with an oil-based cleanser… 

Oil-based cleansers are the best for a deep, double-cleanse because they’ll dissolve anything oil-based (including makeup, face paint, and eyelash glue) from skin. Plus, unlike oil-free cleansers, they’re so conditioning and gentle on skin that you can use for a double (and even triple) cleanse without stripping or imbalancing skin. To use, simply warm the cleanser in your hands and then massage into skin – the formula will emulsify into a thin, creamy texture which rinses away the dirt. 


…and rinse with a warm, damp flannel. 

The best (and gentlest) way to give your skin some physical exfoliation is by removing your cleanser with a warm flannel or a Face Halo. The texture helps to buff out and lift up any residue that’s lingering on the skin better than your bare fingers will. 

Beauty Editor's Faves

This is super luxurious, but hands down one of the best cleansers for clearing away stubborn makeup. It melts from a balm to an oil, and has tons of boosting ingredients in it which help to exfoliate, hydrate, and brighten. It’s fantastic.

Better than your average micellar water, this one has the added bonus of charcoal – an ingredient renowned for its ability to extract impurities. The bottle design (you press the dispenser down with a cotton pad to get the product out) is so easy and mess-free.

Upgrade from your regular face cloth to one of these dual-sided cleansing pads – they’re made with a special fibre which helps to lift dirt from pores. And the best part? You can shove them in the washing machine and reuse them up to 200 times.