How To Remove Your Party Makeup When You’re Too Drunk And Tired

‘Tis the season for Christmas parties and spontaneous nights out that turn from civilised cocktails to midnight shots, and end with you crawling into bed at 3am figuring that you’ll deal with your skincare routine in the morning. The next day: a banging headache, a parched mouth, a foundation-smeared pillow, and mascara halfway down your face… 

Sleeping with your makeup on is a recipe for disaster – your pores are clogged not only with makeup but with a day’s worth of pollution and bacteria, and what’s worse is that laying on your pillow is simply pushing it further in – causing that inevitable post-night out eruption of pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads. 

The solution isn’t a 12-step skincare routine – let’s face it, no one has time for toners and serums after a bottle of wine. We consider this tried-and-tested quick and easy routine the best way to get your skin clean with minimal time and effort required. Bookmark this page – and top tip – get your products out before you leave the house. Drunk you will thank sober you later. 

1. Speedy makeup removal

We’d never advocate using face wipes on a daily basis (they’re not really an effective form of cleansing), but desperate times call for desperate measures. If your usual cleansing routine feels like too much effort, use face wipes – or a better option, cotton pads soaked in micellar water – to lift the bulk of your makeup off your face. No water required, and if this is all you can manage, you can even do it from bed. Some of our favourite low price options are Yes To’s Grapefruit Facial Wipes and Cucumber Micellar Water

Double cleanse

If you’re a skincare purist, have particularly breakout prone skin, or are feeling more tipsy than drunk, then put in the effort and do a double cleanse – you’ll thank yourself in the morning. Use a cleansing balm (we love Alpha-H’s Essential Cleansing Balm) to melt off all remaining traces of makeup – including stubborn waterproof mascara and liquid lipstick. Add a Foreo into the mix if you’re concerned about clogged pores leading to blackheads – with 8000 pulsations per minute, it removes 99.5% of dirt, oil, and sweat from your skin. 

Prevent dehydration

Since alcohol is dehydrating, it’s important to add the moisture back into your skin to ensure your skin is healthy enough to fight blemishes. Start with Skindinavia’s Post-Makeup Recovery Spray – as well as hydrating skin, it contains witch hazel and zinc, which work together to reduce inflammation and prevent redness. Rather than layering serums and moisturisers, simply apply an overnight treatment instead. A product like Revolution Skincare’s Hyaluronic Overnight Mask will do all the hard work, packing moisture into skin thanks to a formula that features hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, and vitamin E. Oh, and don’t underestimate the benefits of downing a pint of water before you fall asleep, too. 

Stop spots

If you can already feel spots lurking under your skin, get in there quick with a targeted treatment. Mario Badescu’s Drying Cream is the perfect option – a blend of blemish-busters and skin-soothers like zinc, sulfur, niacinamide, and allantoin work to tackle both existing breakouts and under-the-skin bumps. 

Quick? Easy? Yup, we told you so – and now you’ve got no excuse not to come home from the club, remove your makeup, cleanse, and hydrate.