Here’s How I Rescued My Eyebrow Disaster

Let me tell you a horrendous story that I never ever talk about. Back in high school, so when times are hard anyway, I cut off part of my eyebrow. I was in Year 8 (so about 12/13) and messing with a pair of scissors before bed, it wasn’t until the morning when I was brushing my teeth that I noticed I’d taken off great big bits of hair!! 

We all had that pudding head fringe at the time so I tried so hard to cover it myself, imagine it –  hair in my eyes over breakfast, a solid lump of hairspray producing more and more spots throughout the day. Obviously, it didn’t take long for people to notice and before you know it everyone was talking about the ‘tramlines’ I’d try to put in my eyebrows (NO NO NO!). This ladies and gentlemen is when I started investing in my eyebrows and learnt all too soon about their importance.  

I enlisted my mum’s help and straight after school we went to get my new eyebrow survival kit. We spent that night (and every day for the next few weeks) drawing, tweezing, powdering and setting within an inch of our lives.


The staple then and the staple now, pencils like this Eye of Horus Brow Define are my personal holy grail of eyebrow products due to their ease and convenience. Dual-ended with an angled pencil and spoolie brush, they’re great for faking shape and creating perfect sculpted arches. 

Perfect for holding in place, I use Anastasia Beverly Hills Tinted Brow Gel in Brunette to ensure that my brows look full and flawless all day. I love the fluffier, natural look and this gel is perfect for achieving just that. 

Perhaps the best thing I bought was an eyebrow growth gel. Clinically proven to stimulate growth, Talika’s Eyebrow Lipocils Growth Conditioning Gel is a prime example of a treatment that works quickly and effectively to create fuller, healthier-looking brows. I keep one of these in my dressing table drawer even now, just in case I accidentally overpluck. 

I don’t know where I’d be without a brow brush, before I do anything I always brush the hairs so it gives me a better starting point and this Morphe M413 Brow Spoolie Brush offers the best of both worlds. I don’t use a gel or anything but for anyone who does I imagine they’d love this even more than me.

Since this incident, I’m so scarred that I’ve never let anyone near my eyebrows again. I never have them done so I just keep on top of tweezing myself. Making that so much easier is the precise edge of Tweezerman’s Slant Tweezers, they’re perfect for picking out multiple or those single, tricky hairs. 

For the quick-fixers, Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyebrow Stencils are a God send. With 5 different shapes, pick and perfect the ultimate arch with any of your favourite products and reuse over and over again (until they grow!).