5 Common Hair Problems And How To Solve Them

The top three most devastating beauty moments we’ve all experienced: dry liquid lipstick, fake eyelashes that refuse to stick properly and – worst of all – when your hair just won’t go right, no matter how long you’ve spent trying to curl/straighten/brush it out, a hundred times over.

We spoke to some of the UK’s best celebrity hair colourists and stylists to find out how to solve the five most common hair problems. Bad hair day? I don’t know her! Frizz and split ends? Never heard of them!

How To Beat the Frizz

Frizz is caused by dry hair, but fighting the frizz isn’t just a battle you have to face when visiting warmer climes; it can strike any time, whatever the weather – so prevention is the best cure, according to expert stylist Federico Sabatino.

“Putting moisture back into the hair is key – depending on the thickness of your hair – this can be done with leave in conditioner, spray or cream”. Federico even suggests that if you have very thick hair, rinsing less of your conditioner out can help smooth your locks. To keep hair lightweight (and looking fresh, not greasy), he suggests using a water based hair mask – our fave is the Voir Rhythm of the Rain Hair Masque and Scalp Detox.

You can also avoid exacerbating the frizz by taking care when styling your hair. Federico says that if you blow dry your own hair, make sure to point the hairdryer down from the top to ‘shut’ the cuticle, making hair shiny and frizz free.

How to Stop Split Ends Making Your Hair Look Wiry

No matter how much we look after our hair, if we look hard enough, we can always rely on finding at least some pesky split ends buried away. Expert stylist Adam Embleton says the best thing you can do is – simply – “cut them off!”  He recommends seeing a hairdresser every 8-10 weeks to keep split ends at bay, and to use regular masks and treatments, which in turn promote healthier hair and faster growth.

For a quick fix, Adam recommends a blob of split end sealing cream to smooth them out during a blow-dry, – we love Sexy Hair Seal the Deal Lotion.

Additionally, you can forgo the heat altogether (which will improve the look of split ends over time) by using a wave texturising spray – rather than hot tools – to style your hair. For tousled, undone waves, simply spritz Bumble and bumble Surf Spray into damp or dry hair and scrunch away!

How to Keep Blonde Hair Bright and Not Brassy

Why is it that when you’ve been in the sun, your body might catch a beautiful tan, but your hair starts to look like straw? And more importantly – how do you restore it to its former glory?

Expert colourist Veronika Wysocka weighs in; “All hair colours could use a tweak after being in the sun – but blondes suffer especially badly. Using coloured, toning shampoos with blue, violet or purple pigment is essential to keep your colour fresh”.  The coloured pigments counteract the warm tones the sun can cause in your hair, neutralising the ‘brassy’ effect, and bringing your blonde back to life.

“Light hair needs extra care – there is less natural pigment in it which means for it to stay healthy and cool toned, you need moisturising as well as toning components”, says Veronika. “You can ask your hairdresser for a glossing, toning treatment to restore your blonde”.

Haven’t got the time or funds for a salon trip? Fudge’s Clean Blonde Shampoo not only removes the yellow tones from your hair, but also creates a barrier against further UV and environmental damage. Healthy hair = happy colour.

How to Stop Humidity Wreaking Havoc on Your ‘Do

We’ve all been there: our hair’s sleek and shiny, but then we step outside and the humidity laughs in our face. Expert stylist Kat De Rozario says that, whilst humidity is – well – always going to do its thing (sadly), she recommends keeping hair in the best condition possible with regular trims, and weekly hair masks; “Hair in good condition will minimise the amount of moisture it absorbs when it’s raining or humid, and this is what creates the frizz. So better condition equals less frizz and ‘puffiness’”.

She suggests that if your hair really struggles in muggy weather, investing in an anti-humidity spray is a must. We love Amika’s The Shield Anti-Humidity Spray.

Just clocked it’s raining outside and in a hurry? Kat says that you can also help seal the hair’s cuticle (minimising frizz) by giving your hair an all-over spritz with a light hairspray – spraying downwards and smoothing as you go.

How to Inject Life into Limp Hair

Although there’s plenty of styling methods available to help give limp hair a little ‘oomph’, expert styling Nicholas Hardwick suggests volume starts at the roots (pardon the pun) of your hair care: your shampoo.

By using lightweight products, your hair won’t be weighed down by product; remaining big and bouncy. Eco-friendly brand My Haircare created the grüum hår Nourishing Shampoo Bar for this very reason – and the lack of sulphates and nasties in it means your hair won’t look or feel ‘heavy’ from unnecessary chemicals.

For a little extra lift, expert stylist Mason Josh suggests using a ‘volumising lotion or mousse’ in wet hair, then rough drying your hair upside down. Alternatively, a spritz of dry texturising spray at the roots will fake height and body – we love using Amika’s Un.Done Volume and Texture Spray for that bouncy hair feeling.