How To Remove Makeup Properly

Everyone wants perfect skin. For a short-term, temporary solution you can reach for blurring primers and skin-perfecting foundations, but if you want flawless, glowing skin all around the clock (with minimal effort required), then you need to up your cleansing game – it’s the most important step in your beauty routine. Read on for a step-by-step guide to removing makeup and cleansing skin like a pro.

The Routine:

  1. Tie your hair back (if necessary) to make sure you can clean right up to your hairline.
  2. Soak a pair of cotton pads in micellar water and gently wipe the makeup from your face.
  3. To remove eye makeup, place the cotton pads over your eyes and press down lightly, holding for 20 seconds then gently wipe downwards (this prevents eyelashes from breaking). Do not rub!
  4. Distribute about a 50p size amount of cleanser between your finger tips then firmly massage into skin in circular motions to help lift trace makeup and dirt trapped in pores. Spend 2-3 minutes on this step to give the cleanser time to break down makeup.
  5. Don’t forget your eyes. If your cleanser is eye-safe, apply the same technique to the eye area, but with a gentle touch.
  6. Soak a face cloth in warm water, wring out water, and lay over your face – this allows the heat to open pores.
  7. Soak and wring the cloth again and wipe away your makeup using a clean section of the face cloth for each area of your face. This helps to gently exfoliate and is a good guide as to how much makeup is left on your face.
  8. If makeup is particularly stubborn (major clue, your face cloth will be heavily stained orange) then rinse and repeat until nothing shows up.

The Essentials:


Micellar water

On first sight, micellar water looks just like regular water, but it actually contains microscopic spheres called micelles which basically act like magnets for dirt and oil. Most makeup removers can only remove either oil-based or water-based dirt – but micellar water removes both. Which is great, because most makeup, sebum, (and all the other unpleasantness that gathers on skin), usually contains both. This is a great way to lift the bulk of your makeup from skin.



Face cloths

Proven to remove more makeup than manual (just fingers) cleansing, using a face cloth, muslin cloth, or flannel in your cleansing routine will be a truly game-changing experience. Used to rinse off your cleanser, they offer a simple yet effective approach to exfoliating by gently buffing away impurities (they’re especially good at removing mascara smudges) and improving blood circulation (which helps to keep skin clear in the long-term).




There are so many cleansers out there on the market that it can be hard to choose one. Oil-based cleansers are generally the best ones to use as they’re great for all skin types (yes, including oily skin). Oils are the best agent for dissolving other oils, so they remove sebum and pore-clogging makeup really effectively – and the best part is that they do so without stripping or drying out skin. They also provide enough slip to properly massage into skin, making cleansing a super indulgent experience.