An MUA Tells Us How To Pull Off The Trickiest Makeup Trends

If you bookmark cool new looks and trends on Insta all day long, but for some reason, when it comes to trying the look IRL, it never looks quite as amazing, it’s time to ask an expert. We asked pro-MUA Lucy Hart to give us her insider info on the pro tricks that will help you take your makeup game to the next level. 

Extended Blusher

Photo credit: @esantoinette

Lucy says: “Use a blusher not an eyeshadow – blushers are designed for skin and will blend into the rest of your makeup better. Keep colours warm, like oranges and corals, and always use matte textures – shimmers will pick up and emphasise texture in skin.” 

Cut Crease

Photo credit: @mmmmitchell

Lucy says: “The best thing to do is put a blob of concealer quite low on your eye and then look back and up, kind of roll your eyes into the back of your head. Where the concealer has transferred to is your guideline. Make sure the concealer you’re using is quite liquidy so it glides easily and creates the right shape.” 

Floating Eyeliner

Lucy says: “Take eye shape into consideration – almost measure where the line will be by looking straight into a mirror as you draw it on. As with normal eyeliner, start from the outside and work in. You could also use a concealer as a guideline to map out where you don’t want the eyeliner to be and wipe it away afterwards.” 

Multicolour Eyeshadow

Photo credit: @hartyyy

Lucy says: “I always tap on the darkest colour first (with a very light hand) then I get a clean brush and diffuse the edges. Then using the same brush I apply the lighter colour and sketch it on the very edges of the first colour – in side to side movements rather than circles  to prevent the colour from drifting up. This gives you more control to make the colour more intense as you layer it and repeat the process. The more you do this, the deeper it is.” 

Inner Corner Accent

Photo credit: @rosmae_

Lucy says: “I’d do this at the very end. Use a matte white eyeshadow as a base for the colour – this works really well if you want to alter the colour and make it pop even if it’s not actually that bright. Wet your brush with setting spray to make the colour super intense and build the pigment in three layers – wet, then dry, then wet again.” 

Blurred Lips

Photo credit: @diania_moisa

Lucy says: “Less is definitely more with this one so you don’t want to apply your lipstick straight from the bullet. Instead, put it on your finger and tap it onto the centre, moving outwards to diffuse the colour to the outer edges of your lips.”  

Glass Skin

Photo credit: @namvo

Lucy says: “This all depends on your skin. If your skin is naturall oily use products like strobe creams and luminous moisturisers, and tap a cream highlight or gloss over your skin. If you have dry skin, use even more moisturiser and an illuminating primer, then finish with dewy setting mists. They key is to make sure your skin actually is hydrated so the products do last.”