How To Use A Face Chart, According To A Pro MUA

We could watch MUAs paint face charts on Instagram all day long (and let’s be honest, we do), but for some reason our attempts never look quite so amazing as the pro’s do. 

Does it just take practice or is there any insider info? Probably a bit of both – so we spoke to professional makeup artist James Molloy to get some pro tips to elevate our face chart game to the next level. 

Completely new to face charts? They’re primarily used by makeup artists to create a blueprint for a look and plan out the steps before trying it on a model. “Face charts can be used for many reasons,” says James. “They are a great way to plan looks for yourself and clients, experiment with new makeup products and to practice your skills and get creative!” he says. “They’re also a great way to record your looks…keep them in a folder as a reference to look back on, make product wish lists, and most of all explore another side of your artistry.” 


Interested? Grab a fresh pack of MYKITCO.™ MY FACE Face Charts (they’re printed on specially textured paper which allows for makeup to glide smoothly and stay put, giving your face charts depth and vibrancy), and give these hacks a try. 

1. To create a real skin finish use a powder foundation or bronzer with the MYKITCO.™ Deluxe Puff. This will help you to smoothly apply your base and create contours and highlights where required. 

2. The beauty is you can use your existing makeup products and don’t have to be an artist to achieve an impressive face chart look. For a bold eye try matte eyeshadow and blend with a firm synthetic brush like the MYKITCO 1.23 – My All Over Shadow™. Use small circular motions to build intensity. 

3. You can also use cream and waterbased products to achieve bold On Trend looks. We love the SUVA Hydra FX for a neon eye and lip combo. When using a water based product remember to go lightly and don’t wet the product too much to avoid bleeding on your face chart. 

4. Lashes can be added using a liquid liner pen, it’s a great time to get creative and give your face chart a personality!