How To Use The BEAUTY BAY SkinHit Serums To Customise Your Skincare Products

Like most things in life, Skincare By BEAUTY BAY is better together. Our range of staples consist of basics that suit all skins and savvy serums designed to cater to all your concerns. Each one of the clever formulas are customisable, letting you mix and match until your heart’s content. So, what’s the deal with combining skincare? Well, everyone’s complexions are unique, and despite unlimited amounts of skincare at our disposal, its difficult to find formulas that suit your ever-changing needs. With this collection, you can easily adapt your routine so that it’s just right for you, each and every day. Genius, huh? 

Read on to discover how to tailor your skincare products like a pro… 

The Mix: Skin Fixer Clay Mask + Nourishing Oil

Clay masks are master clarifiers – and this one is no exception. Created for congested complexions, Skin Fixer, is a burly blemish fighter that absorbs excess sebum and dirt trapped deep within pores. Packed full of PHA gluconolactone, a gentle exfoliator and a blend of kaolin and bentonite clay, it resurfaces and refines stressed out skins. The mask’s powerful mattifying properties make it perfect for oily faces, but if you’re more normal-to-combination, combine it with a few drops of SkinHit Nourishing Oil. You know the tight, dry feeling your face gets after using an intensive clay mask? Yeah, not with this. Rich in hemp seed and rosehip oil, the replenishing formula feeds thirsty skins like a tall glass of H2O. Bonus points for hemp seed oil’s calming and rebalancing properties that help to regulate and rebalance haywire complexions.

The Mix: Thirst Class Moisturiser + Hydrating Serum

Parched faces listen up: hydrating creams that do the most < without > clogging pores do exist. Meet Thirst Class, a hard-working moisturiser containing soothing colloidal oatmeal, oat lipid and ceramides, a natural component of the skin’s barrier that helps it retain moisture for the long run. So thick and creamy, it prevents dehydrated bases from feeling rough and flaking off – aka everyone’s worst nightmare. Amp up the moisture retaining abilities by pairing it with SkinHit Hydrating Serum, a deeply nourishing serum made with OG hydrator hyaluronic acid and glycogen. Not only will this marriage intensify the moisturiser, but it also increases Thirst Class’s anti-ageing benefits. Two birds, one stone. Once combined, a little goes a long way, so use your new concoction sparingly. 

The Mix: Day One Moisturiser + Brightening Serum

Transform your daily moisturiser into a base brightening powerhouse by blending two of BEAUTY BAY’s hero products, SkinHit Brightening Serum, and Day One Moisturiser. An everyday moisturiser, use Day One for plumper, softer, more healthy-looking skin. The hybrid gel-cream texture melts into the skin and absorbs instantly, leaving your face refreshed. Although it’s enriched with Indian ginseng and olive squalene, which hydrate and protect, the lack of active ingredients make Day One the perfect base for mixing in potent serums. Dispense a few pumps onto the back of your hand and add in some drops of SkinHit, a radiance-boosting vitamin C serum that perks up lacklustre skins ASAP. If you’re not already familiar with vitamin C’s vast capabilities, know that the antioxidant does everything from reducing pigmentation to improving skin tone and stimulating collagen growth. It also contains peptides, which promote cell turnover, reduce dark spots and shields the skin against environmental aggressors.