8 Ways You Can Use Coconut In Your Beauty Routine

There is nothing, nothing, that coconut oil cannot do. Honestly, it would be faster to write a list of things coconut oil can’t do. Long hailed as a century’s old beauty hack, the can-do-anything oil has made its mark on our kitchens, perfumes, bathrooms, and makeup bags. But there are more beauty benefits to coconut oil than using it as a sweet-smelling by-product in a hand cream. 

From using it in the hair, using it on the body and using it to make your own DIY potions, here are eight of our favourite ways to use coconut oil in our beauty routine.

To Tame and Smooth the Hair and Scalp

Coconut is the OG ingredient when it comes to hair care: 1) because it smells divine 2) because it’s a moisturising miracle worker. Coconut oil works at its very finest when used as a hydrating hair mask, which is why we love Oh K!’s Coconut Hair Mask for 15 minutes of holiday-scented indulgence. 

Coconut is also the arch nemesis of frizz. The oil is majorly moisturising, making it perfect for dry and naturally curly hair in need. A few spritzes of Shea Moisture 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Daily Hydration Leave-In Treatment and hair is softened, manageable and hydrated. 

If you aren’t already sold, here is another coconut oil fact to indulge in. Coconut oil has anti-bacterial properties, making it ideal for keeping the scalp health and dandruff at bay. Everyday is a school day!

As a Cleansing Makeup Remover

Makeup, including the most stubborn of eye makeup, doesn’t stand a chance against the cleansing power of coconut oil. Slaver BAIOBAY’s Organic Coconut Oil over your whole face, and watch your makeup melt away. Wash away with a cleansing pad, follow with a non-oil-based cleanser to remove the excess oil from your pores, aaaaaaaaaaaand voila! 

As A Nourishing Moisturiser

There are no limits to the number of body parts coconut oil can moisturise. The wonder oil can be used on the face to hydrate and prime before applying makeup; to soothe cracked and peeling cuticles; on the feet underneath a pair of fluffy socks; and straight after a hot shower all over the body. The limit does not exist. 

Tip: when applying to the face, use the smallest amount! The oil is known to clog pores when over applied. 

As an After-Sun Care

Coconut oil’s soothing and calming properties, and that tropical scent, make it an ideal after-sun treatment. The intense hydrating oil helps to minimise itching and peeling that comes with direct sun exposure. Of course, we always recommend wearing a solid SPF before heading out into the sun, but coconut oil can help comfort the skin after exposure. 

As a Shaving Oil and Post Shaving Balm

Yep, you read that right, coconut oil can even be used as a shaving balm and as a post shaving balm. Simply apply the coconut oil like you would your regular shaving foam, and coconut your way to silky smooth skin. The oil works as a protective layer between your razor and the skin, protecting it from razor burn while, yep, moisturising!

As a Lip Balm and Lip Scrub

Not only can coconut oil work wonders as a glossy, hydrating lip balm, especially on chapped winter lips, but it can also be used as a DIY lip treatment. Mix one tablespoon of sugar (preferably brown) with one tablespoon of coconut oil and apply to the lips for a nourishing lip scrub.

As a Hydrating Makeup Setting Spray

The biggest enemy to freshly done makeup is too much moisture and too little moisture. Spritzing your face with West Barn Co Coconut Dew Facial Mist helps to keep the dry skin from dehydrating and oily skin from overcompensating with excess moisture. 

As an Brow and Eyelash Growth Serum

Coconut oil is packed with saturated fatty acids, and as luck has it, eyelashes and brows need fatty acids to grow big and long. Simply brush BAIOBAY’s Organic Coconut Oil through the lashes with a spoolie every night and watch ‘em grow. 

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