12 Ways To Wear The Depixym Cosmetic Emulsions

With Insta-famous MUAs like @the_brooksbrother and @wendysworld_xox on board, if you’re seen a bright, bold, colourful makeup look on your feed recently, it’s most likely been created with Depixym – a brand well worth having on your radar (and in your makeup bag) if you’re as obsessed with beauty as we are. 

Depixym’s founders have a long history in the cosmetics industry – making them well placed to spot a gap in the market, connect with factories and suppliers, and create the products they’d dreamed up while working in corporate office jobs. The result, after a year of planning, testing, mixing, and swatching to bring the products to life? A twenty-piece range of ‘cosmetic emulsions’ – thick cream pigments packaged in art supply-inspired almunium tubes (which (bonus!) are 100% recycleable).  

The shades range from adventurous (bright yellow, neon pink, and cobalt blue) through to various shades of beige, browns, and pinks – although thanks to the mixing pans and sticks included with each tube, you basically have the entire rainbow at your fingertips. The range also includes black and white (which can be used to lighten and darken colours) and a clear version which sheers out pigment. 

We’ve pulled together our favourite ways to wear the Depixym emulsions, but there are no rules (except to have fun). 


Load up a clean spoolie with pigment (you can stick to classic black or experiment with colour for something more fun) and apply just as you would regular mascara. You’ll need an oil-based product to remove, but the bonus is it’s 100% waterproof. 


Unlike powder shadows, you don’t need to build multiple layers to get a bold look. Instead, the emulsions apply with instantly full pigment. Just blend or combine with the clear emulsion to create a sheer effect. What’s more, there’s no need to worry about fallout or fading, so you’re sorted if you’re after a long-lasting eye makeup look.  


For blusher, dab pigment onto cheeks and diffuse colour with a fluffy brush. To contour, dot along the cheekbones and blend out towards the hairline with a tapered brush. Top tip: Work fast – once it’s dry, it won’t budge. 


Use a fine-tipped brush to dot freckles in random placements across your nose and face. Once your brush runs dry, use your fingertips or a beautyblender to dab repeatedly over the area. This pushes pigment into skin and lifts then redistributes the excess, resulting in a more natural-looking effect. 


Whether creating a bold Insta-brow or filling in gaps with subtle hair-like strokes, use an angled brow brush to apply as a pomade into brows. Guys, you can even use it in the same way to fill in gaps in your beard. 


Use an angled liner brush to trace along your upper lashline, create striking cat-eye flicks, or sketch elaborate liner looks over your lid or into your crease, in any shade (it’s never been easier to nail the coloured eyeliner trend). The best part? It’s totally water-proof, tear-proof, and smudge-proof. 


Use straight out of the tube, blend with similar colours, or sheer out with the clear emulsion to create anything from a subtle lip tint to a fully pigmented long-lasting pout. Use a thin brush for precision application or a fingertip for an on-trend diffused effect. 


Whether you paint your nails in full blocks of colour or experiment with elaborate nail art, using Depixym makes it a whole lot easier to wipe things off and start again. Once you’re happy (and the colour is dry), seal the colour in with a coat of clear nail polish. 


Mix shades to match your hair colour and use to fill in your roots and conceal grey hairs, or pick a bright shade, warm between your fingers, and massage into strands of hair – start from the bottom for an ombre effect. To remove, just wash hair with regular shampoo. 

Face art

If editorial makeup or SFX looks are your thing – or you’re simply not afraid to rock a bit of colour on your way to the supermarket – use Depixym to bring your creativity to life. Take inspiration from @wendysworld_xox and blend, sketch, dot, and doodle the pigments across your face. 

Base makeup

Use a pre-made shade or mix with darker/lighter pigments to make one that perfectly matches your skin tone. Apply straight from the tube for full-coverage concealer or mix with your moisturiser to create a lightweight base. 


Depixym emulsions can be applied to and worn on any area of the body. Why not sketch out the tattoo you’ve been dreaming of to test placement, colour in your line drawings for a special occassion, or cover up your tattoos.