How To Use Every Brush In The EYN Prism Brush Set

Creating the perfect makeup look is as much about the tools as it is the products – ask any MUA and they’ll tell you – using the right tools in the right way is the best way to get the most from your makeup. If you’re starting out or refreshing your brush kit, the BEAUTY BAY EYN Prism Brush Set is a great place to start – featuring twelve face and eye brushes to cover all bases (literally). 

Each brush has been designed with a specific purpose in mind – this foolproof guide covers the basics, showing you how to target certain areas of the face. Scroll down to meet all twelve members of the BEAUTY BAY EYN Prism Brush set and find out how to use them.

Perfect for applying cream and liquid formulas, this stippling brush features two lengths of bristles, which help to pick up the right amount of product and deposit it on your skin without overloading. The result is a base that looks glowy and natural rather than thick and cakey.

The gently tapered shape of this brush fits the contours of your face, allowing you to sweep product on in one fluid movement and distribute the right amount in the right place, without any fallout. 

Perfect for blending or applying bronzer or contour products to the hollows of your face, this brush features a subtly domed shape with super-soft bristles. It allows you to apply concentrated pigments, while still meaning you can blend out and diffuse colour. 

This brush has long, soft, fluffy bristles, which are loose enough to dust powder evenly across your face without releasing too much product and making your makeup look cakey. 

Designed for highlighter application, this brush has super light bristles, perfectly shaped to dust a delicate application of cream or powder highlighter to the tops of your cheekbones, around your brow and eye area, and down the bridge of your nose. 

Great for applying shadow into the socket of the eyes, this brush has structured bristles that are looser and fluffier towards the top – this makes it especially good for blending evenly and getting that professionally applied finish. 

With a flat shape and compact bristles, this brush is great for packing cream, powder, or liquid shadow onto the lid for a super pigmented effect. Plus, because the tip is so neat, you can get really precise with product placement. 

This brush makes blending easy, even for beginners. The bristles are both firm and fluffy, so it’s perfect for softening harsh lines and diffusing colour for a faded-out effect. 

The incredibly soft bristles make this brush ideal for applying and blending an even base layer of eyeshadow across your lid. You can also use it for applying concealer or primer to lids before shadow. 

This small brush has a gently-tapered shape which makes it perfect for applying and blending shadow into the crease of your eye to build depth and add an extra layer of definition.  

This brush has a razor straight edge and firm bristles that are cleverly designed to pick up all kinds of brow products (powders, pomades, or waxes) and distribute them evenly into brows for a clean, sharp effect. 

With its thin, firm bristles and angled shape, this brush is perfect for applying eyeliner in thin, delicate lines, or for carving out precise flicks and wings. It can also be used to press pigment into the lashlines for a smudged liner effect.