How To Use Sample Beauty’s Brow Alchemy

It’s time to clear some space in your makeup bag, your latest brow hero is here, and it’s a total game-changer.

Sample Beauty’s Brow Alchemy landed on BEAUTY BAY last year, and our arches haven’t been the same since. Not only is the cream formula vegan and cruelty-free (love), it’s also lightweight and waterproof, offering ultra-precise colour that dries down to a natural matte finish and stays put all day long.

The innovative syringe applicator has been expertly designed to stop the product from drying out, offering super hygienic application, and enabling you to use every single drop of product, resulting in less waste and keeping your brows looking flawless for as long as possible.

Interested? Follow the steps below to effortlessly upgrade your brows.

Step 1 – Choosing Your Shade

The best way to find your perfect shade of Brow Alchemy is by selecting based on your hair colour undertone. To point you in the right direction, Sample Beauty have created a handy guide:

·      Olive Brown – Perfect for blondes, balayage, light brown, or ashy hair

·      Truffle – Perfect for red or warm brown hair

·      Chestnut – Perfect for dark neutral hair, grey hair, or purple toned hair

·      Fudge – Perfect for dark hair

·      Pitch – Perfect for dark brown/black hair

Top Tip: Each shade can be applied lightly or built up to create a darker finish, so you’ll have complete control over your look no matter which hue you go for.  

Step 2 – Prepping Your Brows

Comb your brows using a spoolie brush to tame, tidy, and prep them for brow product application.

Step 3 – Using The Applicator

Unscrew the lid and gently press down the syringe to push a small, pea-size amount of product onto the back of your hand or a mixing plate.

Step 4 – Applying The Product

Use your favourite eyebrow brush to apply the product to the brows.

Top Tip: The more product you apply, the darker the shade will appear, so  apply less product if you prefer a lighter colour.

Did You Know?

You can also use Brow Alchemy to create faux freckles. Simply dot over your complexion using a fine liner brush and blend out with your finger for a more natural finish.