How To Apply The Perfect Winged Liner

There are two types of women in the world: those who excel at winged eyeliner, and those who fail. And there are few things more frustrating than attempting to master a flawless winged liner when it just. won’t. go. right. If you happen to get one wing slaying, it can be an almost impossible feat to get the other to match – and that’s if you don’t smudge it on the first try!

Luckily for you, we’ve got a few tips to make the process much simpler.

Step 1. Choose Your Tools

Experiment to find out which eyelining medium you craft those wings best with. A felt-tip style pen is ideal for beginners as it’s easy to control – the firmness of the tip means you can essentially draw it on, and the formula tends to be quick drying, too. Pencil liner is the most forgiving but better suited to soft definition than razor sharp lines. Whilst gel liner gives great colour payoff and the sharpest of fine lines, it does require a brush to apply it which can prove tricky for some. 

Step 2: Know Your Eye Shape

It’s not just about drawing a simple line across your skin. If you have hooded, or monolid eye shapes for example, the way your eye creases can hide or distort your eye liner. For hooded eyes, the skin can hide a lot of the wing. Counteract this by starting the application where the lids hood starts and working inwards. Start with a thin line and build up as preferred. 

On monolid eye shapes, there’s not a lot of lid space to work with, so keep the line as thin and sharp as possible. Then, wing it out and up towards the edge of your brow. Round eyes? Keep all the liner confined to the outer edge of the eye to elongate the shape.

Step 3: Practise Makes Perfect

Practise, practise, practise! Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your liner wont slay on your first attempt. Grab your mirror and spend a little time getting it picture perfect. If you’ve made a mistake, don’t panic. A cotton bud dipped in a little eye makeup remover will quickly clean away any mistakes.