This Is How Your Fertile Window Affects You (Just As Much As Your Period)

Can we start calling our fertile window ‘the OTHER time of the month?’ We often talk about/hear about/complain about the 2 – 7 days of our cycle when we’re bleeding, but your fertile window can make a big difference to your body too. Your fertile window is usually around day 10 – 15 in your cycle when your body is prepping to release an egg, during ovulation, and for 24 hours after. To get a clearer view of your cycle and be ready for what’s coming up, it can be helpful to track it on an app like Clue.

Here are some of the ways you might notice your body changing during your fertile window:

Changes in your skin

‘Ovulation skin,’ is a thing! For obvious evolutionary reasons, you might feel more energetic and like your best self during your fertile window. This also includes high collagen levels resulting in glowy, plumped up skin. This also might mean some breakouts for some of us, as your skin is also producing more oil, especially around your chin. A clay mask can help to dry up any spots.

Changes in your cervical fluid

As you are approaching ovulation (releasing an egg), your cervical fluid or ‘mucus’ levels increase and the fluid itself might become a little thicker as your oestrogen levels increase. At the start of your fertile window it might look a little cloudier and towards the end, it may have more of an egg-white consistency. Cervical fluid is absolutely normal and different for everyone. Daily pads or liners are an option if the extra fluid is making you uncomfortable.

Changes in your mood

Right before ovulation, your sex drive increases, so you might be reaching for your go-to vibrator. This is also the time in your cycle when you are most likely to get pregnant (although you have a chance of getting pregnant at any time), so you might wanna stick to a solo sesh or if you do have sex, make sure you’re protected.

Studies have also shown that your fertile window can be a time when you’re sharper and totally on it with decision making, so utilise that energy to get stuff DONE. Towards the end of your fertile window you might feel extra sleepy as your hormones change AGAIN.

To sum up, your hormones are always messing with you! Listen to your body because everyone’s’ cycles are different.

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