I Tried Diet Shakes For A Month And They Changed My Opinion

I’ve always felt conscious about being the bigger one in my friendship groups, as much as it’s because of how I personally feel I’m also aware that it’s partly because of magazines, films, TV shows and mainstream ‘role models’. For this reason, I was uncomfortable when meal replacement shakes were placed on my desk – without ever entertaining them I found myself immediately judging and tutting at them. I started heated, passionate debates with my team and they sat untouched on the corner of my space, exiled from both mental and physical reach. 

When I eventually came around to trying them it’s important to state that at no point did I weigh myself (it wasn’t about that), nor did I change what I ate for lunch and tea (Northern thing). I used them to replace Nutella on toast or a croissant that I grabbed running through town (if anything at all!). They promised energy, a good option for a balanced diet with low calories, fat and sugar – something that if it delivered all would be a complete gamechanger for me in my stationary office chair. So, there I went hesitantly to the kitchen with my Cute Nutrition Meal Replacement Shake and branded shaker ready to mix three scoops with 250ml of milk like the directions told me to.

Very quickly the first thing I realised was that I hated it with milk, it gave the powder a strange consistency and taste that I just couldn’t get onboard with (but then again, I can’t make ANYTHING in the kitchen). Dedicated to the cause I tried it with cold water and I would recommend starting here for anyone interested in joining me on this journey. 

Results wise, the first I noticed was how it genuinely did make me feel fuller for longer. I’m an animal with food, it’s all I think about and normally if I’ve eaten breakfast I’m ready to gnaw my own arm off come half 10, but for once in my whole entire life people were reminding me that it was dinner time?! I promise you when I say that nothing I have ever tried has kept me full and actually thinking about anything other than my Tupperware full of pasta in the office fridge. Not that I’ve tried it yet but perhaps swapping lunch for this would stop my daily chocolate binges at around 3pm? I know I’m really going on but this was by far the biggest thing for me and has honestly changed my life. 

Normally just before said 3pm chocolate binge, my eyes begin to burn, my mind blanks and I am so ready to jump in bed. I’m aware this sounds too good to be true and it’s all a bit ‘yeah right’ but it wasn’t until I’m writing this (after my shake has run out :() that my eyes are tingling and I realise I haven’t had this feeling for a long time! Something else I’ve noticed that I can probably hold these shakes accountable for is the completely ridiculous rate at which my hair and nails are growing – but then their site does state that it provides me with 100% of my daily vitamins! 

Ultimately, a few years ago I made the decision (on my own) to overhaul my unhealthy lifestyle by eating healthier and moving more and that’s one thing these shakes could never change my mind on. Due to their ease, impressive results and pleasant taste however, they’ll definitely be a part of maintaining my healthier lifestyle going forward.