6 Inglot Products That Pro MUAs Actually Use

If you haven’t already heard of Inglot, let us introduce you to your latest makeup must haves. Loved by the industry pros and makeup obsessed, Inglot offers an amazing range of pro-level cosmetics that you’re more than likely to spot in the kits of your favourite MUAs. We asked Insta-famous makeup educator Jessica-Rose Silicz about her fave Inglot products and why she loves them. ‘Inglot is a brand that inspires me to get creative and try something new. They have an amazing, wide range of products that perform incredibly and are easy to use whether you are a beginner or professional!’

AMC Brow Liner Gel

One of the most loved products in our line-up, the Inglot AMC Brow Liner Gel is a coveted favourite of MUAs and for good reason. The pomade style formula is loaded with pigment as well as being waterproof and having a waxy texture, meaning that it keeps hairs in place and the colour lasts all day. Jessica-Rose says: ‘A little bit goes a long way. Apply a very small amount using a thin angled brush to create effortless realistic hairs’.

Mattifying Loose Powder

If you’re creating a killer look, you’re going to want to make sure that it lasts all day without budging. This is where the Inglot Mattifying Loose Powder becomes your new best friend. Not only is Inglot a favourite of the pros, it’s also one of the staple brands used for Broadway shows, which is proof of just how good this powder really is. Jessica-Rose says: ‘Set foundation and concealer to control oils and keep your base makeup looking fresh and flawless all day’.

Secret Volume Mascara

We should never underestimate the power of a tried, tested and trusted mascara. Even makeup minimalists love mascara and finding the right one can be a difficult task. But there’s no need to look any further, as the Inglot Secret Volume Mascara ticks all the boxes for flawless, fluttery lashes. Jessica-Rose’s top tip: ‘Start from the base of the lashes and wiggle to the top for long luscious lashes. For extra volume apply a second coat’.

Freedom System Rainbow Eyeshadow

Inglot offer a wide range of single pans to add to a magnetic palette, making your makeup truly customisable – which is precisely why MUAs love them so much. Jessica-Rose opts for eyeshadows, powders and highlighters in her collection. The Freedom System Rainbow Eyeshadow is available in a broad spectrum of shades, as well as Sculpting Powders and HD Highlighters coming in pan-form. Choose your ultimate combination and add to any of the magnetic Z Palettes.

AMC Pure Pigment Eyeshadow

The next MUA approved essential is the AMC Inglot Pure Pigment Eyeshadow, a multipurpose pigment with the ability to create a range of statement looks. The colour payoff of this product is on another level. Available in an impressive shade range, there will be the ideal colour match no matter what your mood. Jessica-Rose recommends: ‘Apply wet or mix with Inglot Duraline mixing liquid for an intense metallic, mesmerising eye look.’

AMC Eyeliner Gel Matte

A budge-proof eyeliner is something that everyone needs in our opinion, and if the Inglot AMC Eyeliner Gel Matte is MUA approved, then that’s good enough for us. The waterproof, long lasting formula dries to a smudge proof finish. Jessica-Rose says: ‘Apply using a thin brush on the lash line and waterline for eyeliner that will last all day. Or use as a base for eyeshadow to intensify the eyeshadow you apply over top and increase the longevity’.