Here’s How To Nail Instagram’s Neon Lights Eyeshadow Trend

Eye makeup trends can be hard to master – after all, they’re usually trending because of the impressive skill levels required to nail them. According to a recent Pinterest survey, searches for ‘neon lights’ increased by 280% in the last year, so it only makes sense that MUAs have been translating the trend into the beauty world too. You’ve no doubt scrolled past hundreds of neon light-inspired eyeshadow looks, which makes it look like your face is actually glowing. 

Unlike other trending techniques, this one is actually surprisingly easy to pull off. Although the neon effect looks real from a distance, up close you can see that it actually involves a clever blending of colour away from a white line. Follow the steps below for inspo.

Get The Look

Creating a base with this will not only help to lock your eye look in place for longer but will also maximise the brightness of any colour pigment applied on top. Wait for the base to dry completely before applying powder. 

Add colour using the super bright shades in this 16-pan palette. You can create a full-lid blended look, or start to define lines and shapes to create a more graphic effect. Think about where you want to add the neon lines and make the colour bolder in the centre then fade it outwards. 

To finalise the neon effect, use a white liquid eyeliner to trace over the bold shapes you’ve already started building. Make sure you keep the white lines as narrow as possible and in the centre of the coloured lines.