9 Instagrammable Beauty Brands That You Need On Your Shelfie

If you’re not immersed in the beauty community on Instagram, you might not know these brands exist – but thanks to the popularity of hashtags like #shelfie and #beautyflatlay they now hold major real estate in the beauty hall of fame. 

Scroll down to meet the future stars of your next shelfie. 

Lovely Day

Number of followers: 21.6k 

You’ll love it because: The brand’s mission statement is literally to create products that ‘look aesthetically pleasing while being good for your skin’, which is a claim we can totally get on board with. The bottles and jars look great on our shelves, and the product feels great on skin. Win, win. 

Top product: Hyaluron & Bloom Facial Toner

Loved by: @stevieroseray – We’re obsessed with the way that Stevie’s black and white aesthetic encompasses both her fashion and her beauty posts. Lovely Day fits right in. 

Saturday Skin

Number of followers: 66k 

You’ll love it because: Inside the dreamy #millenialpink packaging, there is serious skincare goodness. Hailing from Korea, Saturday Skin uses a patented peptide formula to help skin’s natural regeneration process (it’s ideal for scarred and breakout-prone skin).  

Top product: Wide Awake Brightening Eye Cream

Loved by: @dirtyboysgetclean – Matt gives monochrome a whole new meaning with his (almost) exclusively pink aesthetic – naturally, Saturday Skin makes a regular appearance. 

The Ordinary

Number of followers: 367k 

You’ll love it because: The Ordinary strips skincare right back to its basics, allowing you to create a fine-tuned skincare routine specifically tailored to your skin type – no more confusion around ingredients. What’s more, most of the products are under £10. 

Top product: AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution

Loved by: @topshelfbeaute – This account is dedicated to sharing Instagram’s best shelfies, so it’s no surprise that The Ordinary crops up in nearly every one. 

Peter Thomas Roth

Number of followers: 76.2k 

You’ll love it because: The brand is all about high-performance products, combining the best ingredients with the best technology to achieve maximum results. Want short-term results as well as long-term? With these products on your shelfie, you’ll notice the benefits straight away. 

Top product: Pumpkin Enzyme Mask

Loved by: @xthuyle – We love that Thuy actually shows her products in use – the Retinol Fusion Night Serum made a recent appearance in one of her hilarious videos. 


Number of followers: 13.1k 

You’ll love it because: BYBI stands for ‘By Beauty Insiders’ – in fact, it was founded by two beauty bloggers with a passion for natural beauty and a desire to create products that don’t exist yet. The range is small (but growing) and every product is 100% natural, vegan, and cruelty-free. 

Top product: Babe Balm

Loved by: @emmahoareau – We’ve spotted the Mega Mist and Lip Buffer in Emma’s impressive stash of uber-Instagrammable beauty products. 


Number of followers: 80k 

You’ll love it because: This is tanning with (skincare) benefits. Unlike most fake tans (which are loaded with DHA – the ingredient which gives tan its funky smell), the Tan-Luxe formula is instead boosted with vitamin E and antioxidants, to make skin glow inside and out.  

Top product: The Face

Loved by: @bambidoesbeauty – The girl knows an Instagrammable product when she sees one, and Tan-Luxe’s bottles fit right in with her minimalist, pastel aesthetic. 

This Works

Number of followers: 44.4k 

You’ll love it because: Founded by an ex-Vogue beauty director, This Works’ range is based around the concept that lifestyle has a big effect on skin and wellbeing. The products are formulated to work with your body clock to optimise skin performance, 24/7. 

Top product: Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

Loved by: @sharmtoaster – Sharmili’s Instagram feed features mini reviews and ‘can’t stop watching’ alongside amazing shelfies. I spy This Works. 

Mario Badescu

Number of followers: 310k 

You’ll love it because: The brand has been around for over fifty years, so these are true tried and tested products and there are tons of rave reviews on every one. They also cater really well to specific skin types, so whether your skin is dry, oily, or acne-prone, you’ve got options. 

Top product: Drying Lotion 

Loved by: @skincarestandard – It’s hard to find a beauty Instagram that doesn’t feature Mario Badescu these days, but we love how Rachel features them in close-ups on her dressing table. 


Number of followers: 57.2k 

You’ll love it because: These are hard-working, fast-acting solutions to specific skincare concerns. Alpha-H products are created with cosmeceutical level formulas and use super-concentrated blends of ingredients, which means you’ll experience clinical-level results, without the price-tag, effort, and down-time.  

Top product: Liquid Gold

Loved by: @thebeautybloss – Take a quick scroll down this feed and you’ll soon see that science-savvy skincare is the theme. Alpha-H looks at home on these shelfies.