Intimate Skincare Is A Thing, And We’re Here For It

If there’s anything I’ve learned during my time as a beauty editor, it’s that whatever your body needs, there’s a product for it. A case in point, The Perfect V, an intimate beauty range designed to soothe and smooth the sensitive bikini area – which is so often subject to irritation – waxing, shaving, perfumed products, laser, uncomfortable underwear (we’ve all been there)…

I’ll admit that I rolled my eyes when I first came across The Perfect V. The idea of being prescribed a seven-product routine for my bikini area went against all my beliefs and values (I wrote my 10,000 word Masters thesis about beauty industry misogyny!), but then I realised that nothing about these products is prescribed. The Perfect V is an option, and options are empowering – if you want to use it, it’s your choice. And you know what, I’m glad I live in a time where the beauty industry is acknowledging that there’s more to feminine hygiene than what we’ve been conditioned to believe. Plus, all the products are pH balanced and derm- and gynae-tested – which is more than we can say for most body lotions and shower gels. 

We all know that conventional beauty standards are BS, but how you look after your bikini area is your call. Realistically, you may not need every product, but (in the name of investigative journalism!) I’ve tried them all, so you don’t have to. Scroll for my verdict!

N.B It’s important to note that these products are not intended for internal use. Your ‘V’ is not your vagina or your vulva, it’s the ‘V’ shaped area above, aka your bikini area.  


The Perfect V Gentle Wash

Any gynecologist will tell you that going overboard with regular showers gels and soaps in your bikini area is a recipe for disaster (it throws off your pH balance and causes major irritation), which is why this wash was formulated with pH balance in mind. It does its job and doesn’t smell artificial in the slightest. 

The Perfect V VV Beauty Sheets

If you’re on-the-go or travelling and don’t have time or space for multiple products, these wipes offer quick cleansing and conditioning benefits in a single swipe. They even provide gentle exfoliation, thanks to a blend of lactic and salicylic acids. *adds to handbag* 

The Perfect V Gentle Exfoliator

Just as you’d exfoliate your legs before shaving, it’s important to show the same attention to your bikini area. This creamy scrub uses AHAs to gently buff the skin and tease out ingrown hairs prior to shaving as well as prevent bumps and more ingrown hairs from forming. I love that it’s not too abrasive, but is still gritty enough to feel like it’s doing something. 

The Perfect V Very V Intensive

It’s important to hydrate skin after shaving, so this moisture-rich lotion is perfect for preventing the bikini area from over-drying, which happens easily after hair removal and leads to further irritation. I’ve noticed that using this has made a big difference – it contains heavy-hitting hydrators like vitamin E and squalane.

The Perfect V VV Serum

Hair removal causes trauma to the skin, which usually reacts by ‘inflating’ – a tiny bump which forms around the hair follicle. This serum is designed to prevent this (along with general redness and irritation) thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, and I’ve noticed it’s massively helped with the irritation I get (and made my skin super smooth in the process). 

The Perfect V Beauty Mist

Razor burn stings, fact – which is where this refreshing mist comes into play. It contains extracts of sea buckthorn, bilberry fruit, and cloudberry fruit, which work together to reduce redness and swelling, and calm irritation and pain. I’ll admit that the act of misting my bikini area felt weird at first, but if it’s good enough for your face, then it’s good enough for everywhere, right? 

The Perfect V Luminizer

The controversial ‘vagina highlighter’ that went viral on Twitter last year is actually a bikini area lotion with a subtle sheen… More than anything it’s just like the moisturiser, but with added benefits. It’s a nice addition at the end of the routine, and if glowing on every inch of your skin is your thing, then you glow, girl.